Ups and downs

1.  Took our car in for a service today and, except for the R2 600 they want to charge us for the service, they want to do an additional R10 000’s worth of work to the car.  Farking hell.  When we bought the car last year and I wanted to take the maintenance plan, my husband said no and now look.  Aarrgghh
2.  I’m not even going to get started on work.  Suffice it to say my day has gone downhill.

1.  We went to the Ortho Paed yesterday and it was the quickest R500 I have ever spent.  Bottom line:  Daniel’s feet are about 15 degrees inward, but so are Andre Agassi’s.  Great stuff, problem solved so now we can tell the school to wind their necks in.
2.  Another long weekend and I get to cuddle and kiss my kids to distraction.  And DH of course.

Have a good one!

One thought on “Ups and downs”

  1. Ok this is just weird ,my initials are DH and if you pull up into my driveway for a snuggle I may just PLATS!!.Have a lekka loong weekend,car plans/maintenance plans are always a good idea

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