5 things I love about being a Mom

Tertia tagged me and then some other blogland friends and between all of us I think we are pretty much covered, so I’m only tagging my friend Leo as I think she needs to blog more often šŸ™‚

(I also want to add that I saw the tag on Saturday and I have spent 2 days angsting over my list as I didn’t want it to be about ME, but fukkit, it is about me)

1.  Someone is always happy to see me.  Isabel was in Daddy’s arms over the weekend and her whole face lit when I held out my hands to take her.  I almost died of happiness.
2.  The smell, the glorious smell of little ones.  (ok, not the vomit and poo, but everything in-between)
3.  I LOVE how the girls are always so happy to see each other in the morning, they are amazing to watch.  They look for each other first thing (after I get my smile and kiss) and start “chatting” immediately.
4.  I’m loving Daniel’s chatting and imitating of everyone around him – I now understand what people mean when they refer to them as little sponges.
5.  I love being called Mommy, I have been redefined as Mother, despite my infertility challenges and this is amazing, it is something that no-one will ever take away from me.

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  1. If only I can find the time – I think I’ll just visit you more often so that you can blog on my behalf too:)

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