Hat trick

Yep, we officially have 3 kids on antibiotics!

This morning I was dropping Daniel off at school and he had a book with him in the car which he wanted to take in with him.  As a rule I don’t mind, but there are already quite a lot of his books at school, so I said no, please leave it in the car.  And of course I was late.  (I am convinced children can smell when you are late and don’t have time for shit, almost like dogs can smell fear.)

So he was sulking and refused to get out of the car and when I finally got him out of the car he clung to the door handle for dear life.  With all the other parents walking past and having a merry chuckle to themselves. Eventually I steered him into the gate and he would NOT let me leave, so I walked over to his teacher and we had this conversation:

Teacher:  Why is Daniel so unhappy Mom?

Me:  Because there is a book in the car he wants to bring to school and I said No.

Teacher: Why?  He’s welcome to bring books to school?

Me:  Uuuhhhmmmm.  Because I said so?  (mentally whacking myself against the forehead as the words left my lips)

I went to collect the book and he was happy,  problem solved.  I feel like a 3 year old…

8 thoughts on “Hat trick”

  1. On the limited sleep you get with three sick children, you’re allowed to be a petulant 3-year-old as much as you like!

  2. Stupid teacher – she should have known better than to contradict you infront of your child.
    A correct reponse would have been: “Daniel love, we have lot’s of lovely books here, why don’t you go and pick one for yourself right now and say goodbye to mommy?”

  3. Sorry about the antibiotics, hope they all get well soon.
    It sucks when the teacher makes you look foolish in front of your kid. What she should have done was agree with you, then quietly let you know that it would have been ok (out of his earshot).

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