Well hello there, it is with a shock I realise I haven’t blogged since 7 June!

There is a meh post sitting in my drafts from half-way through June which is not fit for human consumption, I see I was trying so hard not to be all whiny and sorry for myself and failing miserably that I just gave up. Probably better so.

June sucked big hairy balls.

I was in bed with bronchitis FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. Isabel broke her arm (yes, same child that broke her leg on Voting Day). Daniel perforated the same eardrum twice (the first of which when I was home sick, very restful for both of us. Not).

Our Au Pair that we LOVE resigned, she is moving to Gauteng. We were devastated. I went into a flat panic and just could not get my head around what I would do without her.

I spent 3 days away from home for work (always lovely to go to Gauteng, but I miss my family something fierce)

But, it’s (half-way through) a new month and we are all on the mend, we have juggled schedules and things are looking up. It was just a matter of changing my perception of what I think the kids need vs what they really wanted. We have chosen not to replace the Au Pair, the kids will go to aftercare instead after our very first family meeting. Hold me please.

I have always said how much I abhor drama, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much of my own little dramas were self-inflicted recently. The answer: not much. I just chose to mope around, dragging my lip on the floor.

Well, consider that lip firmly tucked in, chin firmly in the air.

Bring it.

ps: I need to get back in the habit of writing, so I’m going to try and write every day (Mondays-Fridays) for the next month, even if it’s just something random and small.  Stay tuned.

One thought on “Missing”

  1. Aftercare works very well for us – they have a fabulous homework routine established and have lots of friends to play with. Never a dull moment. It may however not work for us next year.

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