Other Mothers’ children

When Daniel arrived I used to have the usual conversations about breastfeeding etc, but the conversation I used to hate the most was when the Smug Mommies used to say that their babies all slept through from 6 weeks. Blah.  Daniel only graced us with a full night’s sleep at around 6 months.

Then came the conversations about kids’ eating habits.  Really hate those conversations, but we have our good days.

I’m in the potty training stage with Daniel now and all I hear now from the SM’s is how their little angels came and asked to have their nappies taken off and only ever had one little accident conveniently in the garden.  Double blah.

Daniel has so far managed to pee on:
My couch
The dog
The floor
The sandpit
The neighbours’ brand new chair
His car seat 
In the ficus pot outside
Probably in the fish pond
On the mat in front of the toilet
My mother’s persian rug (that one went down really well)
In the PnP trolley

My niece peed on my sister-in-law cellphone and I remember thinking at the time tsk tsk she should teach her better. Blah on me, I’m SO over that.

Shame, he is still learning and we do encourage him, but I really, really like my couch.

7 thoughts on “Other Mothers’ children”

  1. hahaha!! sorry but it’s so funny. My daughter use to post things in the video recorder and DVD player as well as feeding Barney milk on the TV screen which short-fused the telly. Oh children!!

  2. I am in potty training hell right now. Currently my couch cushions are drying (after being scrubbed with upholstery cleaner), my lounge floor mat has wet spots (got tired of cleaning that)and I have a bucket full of soaking panties and shorts.

    Someone I know’s child “just decided not to wear nappies anymore and never had an accident”. Boo to them.

  3. gosh not even close to potty training yet…you were lucky, chloe only started sleeping through after 9 months! and everyone kept telling me its because I’m still breastfeeding…booo on them, I breastfed till 13 months and that didn’t influence the sleeping at all

  4. Bwahaha – this post really made me laugh! Classic. I guess all of that is still in store for me, I will watch my mouth in future when visiting my sister who are potty-training her lil’boy.

  5. Had to clean the back of the Jeep, the carmap carpet and once the kitchen window and it wasn’t pee…

    So enjoy, have been there and will go there again in about a year and again in about 3 years.

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