Things I should be doing right now

At Bookclub last night my friend Tertia said I should stop blogging recipes otherwise she’s going to stop reading.  And then she called me anal, but that’s a whole other story (pot-kettle-black, say no more) Gmpf

So, just for the record, even though I want to blog about that fabulous Chicken Pie recipe I made up all by myself (wink wink) I won’t do it and I only blog food for Meat Free Mondays.  Capisce?

Maybe it’s my own fault for being such an errant blogger lately and I apologise for this.  It occurred to me that if I spent more time blogging about life and less about food the food stuff wouldn’t seem so much.

Anyhoo, the Sussies (Mignon and Isabel) are turning 3 on Saturday and as usual I have taken on something I have never tried before: fabric painting.  No, I’m not saying what it is yet in the hope I don’t eff it up.  My parents have gone away so my Mom’s not here to help, but at least this time it’s in the afternoon. So hopefully my sister who offered to help won’t pitch up drunk again. (another long story, but at least I have my own expectations firmly in check this time)

Today I have to print out photos for the birthday posters for school tomorrow (more on that tomorrow), bake cake for school for tomorrow, go for an interview and conduct 2 of my own.  Tomorrow is bakebakebakebakebake and then decoratedecoratedecorate until the cows come home.  I’m also hoping that that won’t end in tears as I am baking the actual birthday cake for the first time EVER.  (normally I buy the sheets from Pick and Pay and just slap some icing on or I make my Mother bake and my friendly neighbour do the icing).  And inbetween I have to figure out this fabric painting thing.  And get Etienne to sort out the other odds and ends, which he’s really good at!

BUT the great news is that my dear friend Catherine has offered to photograph the party, which has taken such a weight off my shoulders.  On condition that she leaves me out most of the shots.  Just so you know how fabulous she is, here are some pics she took of the kids for Christmas last year:






(Isabel was wearing purple top and Mignon in white)

Can’t wait!!