Note to self

Note to self: don’t attempt to bake Barney cup cakes with a 2 year old.  

I had to fish little hands and spoons out of the cake mix, repack the cupcake holders several times and then rinse off the kitchen, the child and myself. I had this romantic illusion that it would make me a great mother – all I would have needed was one of those white aprons like in the magazines.  Not.

At least he had fun and it didn’t end in tears..


 Please can someone tell me why the retailers, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to no longer make 12-18 month babygrows?? 
Fair enough, the girls are bigger than your average baby, but why did all the shops stop making them?
Surely someone that designs baby clothes should realize that often babies are bigger these days hence the 2 piece sleeveless little number is not going to work for my 7 month olds!
Ok, I’ll get off my soap box for now.
Once again up at 05h30 this morning courtesy of Daniel, bless Etienne for getting up, he is such a good mother 🙂

I love you

This is what my 2.5 year old son told me yesterday morning for the first time when I dropped him off at school! 
We have him and 7 month old twin girls and I really need to keep track of who does what when so that when they are all grown up I will have somewhere to refer to.
So, here are the vital stats as of now:
Daniel’s first tooth: 4 months
Mignon’s first tooth: 6 months
Isabel’s first 2 teeth: 1 week later
Daniel was crawling at 8 months almost to the day and it looks like Mignon will be on the same schedule, although Isabel enjoys sitting and watching the world a lot more than her sister! 
The girls are munching away at solids and we don’t really battle to get them fed at the moment, but Daniel is a real toddler, right down to his eating and sleeping habits.  By all accounts though we have it quite easy (touchwood) as he doesn’t do fall down tantrums (yet).  We are having fun getting used to live without the dummy at the moment, which is making for some interesting evening fun…