Who lives in a pineapple?

under the sea…

Took Daniel to see Noddy and Barney at the Baby Expo today and left darling hubby with the girls.  What a parralell universe that was.

Daniel sat open-mouthed most of the time, I had more fun looking at him than the stage.  I didn’t initially think it was the best 40 bucks ever spent to see some poor dude dressed in a suit lip-sync to Barney, but there you go.

Did I forget to mention the 3 missed calls because hubby didn’t know when to put the girls down for their morning nap?  Shame, he really is very good, poor man.

Home sweet home

Went away on a Management thingy overnight last night, finally got to bed at 02h00 this morning.

I didn’t smoke any cigarettes, although I might as well have for all the secondhand smoke..  I also managed to not drink too much, which is good, otherwise I would have ended up having a cigarette..

It was so nice to wake up at 06h30 this morning and then turn over a go straight back to sleep.  Until I was woken up by one of my colleagues 15 minutes later.  Thanks, you shouldn’t have.  No, really. 🙂

I then made the mistake to call home and couldn’t actually have a conversation with Etienne due to all the screeching in the background.  Apparently Daniel spent some quality time on the naughty chair after the phone call.  No surprises there!

It was great to have a 2hr drive to myself, got to listen to MY music at top volume for the first time in ages!

Some loose thoughts

1.  I changed a really baaaad nappy with the accompanying nappy rash tonight and was a little surprised by it, but remembered just in time that it probably is a teething nappy.  Oooh, can’t wait, forgot how much fun that always is.  And this time it’s a double dose!  I see a few trips to M-Kem for their “tandekry medisyne” in my near future.  Poor babies.

2.   Why do 2.5 year olds shriek?  And how do I make it stop??  Tonight it was all about the unpronounceable “ice monkey” Daniel wanted to watch.  No, it wasn’t Ice Age and no, it wasn’t any of the Baby Einsteins.  Go figure.  It does my head in that they look like their little hearts are breaking when you just don’t get what they are saying.  Even unpacking ALL of the DVD’s didn’t help.  Whatever, Cbeebies worked fine in the end.  His school teacher has always said that he is the least frustrated 2 yr old she had seen in years.  I think he was a late starter. 

3.  Going off to a management thing tomorrow for the night.  Feeling REALLY guilty for leaving hubby with 3 kids under the age of 3, but think it will do me a world of good.  It comes complete with a 2 hour drive home by myself.  Always great thinking time for me, don’t have much of that these days.

Election mania

So, decided to try and catch some of the US election news between supper and bathtime for the girls tonite.
Etienne and I each had a baby on our laps and Daniel was shrieking about wanting to watch “Bob square”.  We eventually gave up and gave the girls their bath early.
I’m going to attempt to take Daniel to the Barney/Noddy show at the Baby Expo on Sunday.  Wish me well.  I’m going to need it..

I sometimes wonder what goes on in people’s minds.

We were in Baby City yesterday with the girls in the twin pram.  The pram pretty much stayed in front as it is impossible to push a pram around the Baby City in Rosen Park, there’s too much crap in the shop.

Anyway, I’m standing at the till and this woman comes up to the pram and looks at them and comments on how it must be a boy and a girl.

They were wearing little blue and turquoise tops with lace and frills.  I ask you with tears in my baby brown eyes, why would someone think that, just because a baby is wearing any other color than pink, that they should be a boy??

And don’t even get me started started on strange people that try to engage the girls when Isabel generally freaks out at a strange face and starts crying.  It’s very presumptuous of people to assume that all babies will respond with a smile.

Mignon is also almost crawling at not even 8 months!  She is crawling backwards at the moment, so lets see how long it takes.  I love this phase of their development when they get mobile, they are so proud of themselves when they get it right!

Little madam Isabel on the other hand is not interested at all.  She sits on the floor playing by herself for ages, too cute!

It really amazes me that at such an early age they already each have their own personality, Mignon being the extrovert and Isabel the introvert.

And what was I thinking?

My parents have a container in their garden that used to be part of a water feature they now use as a little fish pond.  It is Daniel’s treat to feed the fish every time we go visit.

We have a similar container that belonged to the same water feature many moons ago, so I thought, hey, let’s do the same.

My parents have only lawn in their back garden,

We have:
1.  Trees
2.  Grass
3.  Flower beds
4.  a Sand pit
5.  a dog
6.  Peach pips to cover the soil in the rose garden

All of the above is now in the water in the container, before we even went to buy any fish and the dog thought is was a water bowl.

I think the fish are going to have to wait for now. 🙂

Hi, my name is Tania and I’m a bad mother.

Daniel ended up on the naughty chair twice and had two smacks on the bum.  Before we even left the house this morning. 

I spent most of my day repenting and feeling guilty for being such a bad mother. 

Why was I so impatient, why don’t I spend more time with him, then he might be better.  I try to remind myself that he is probably craving any attention, even negative attention.  If I do this or that the outcome might be different.

Does any of the going around in circles help me at all?  No.

Bottom line is, the little man insists on whacking his defenseless 7 month old twin sisters on the head with all types of weapons like plastic golf clubs, pushing them over so they fall backwards, throwing numerous toys at them etc etc etc.  I’m finished, have no idea how to make him stop.  I have tried distracting him, reasoning with him (what a stupid thought, there’s no reasoning with a 2 year old!!), asking nicely, asking firmly, begging, pleading, threatening, blackmailing, ignoring him (this one lasted until the first baby started crying), pushing him away, you name it.

Good thing is, it is weekend, so I get to spend some real time with him.  Hopefully next week will be better 🙂

Sleep, glorious sleep

7 hours of uniterrupted sleep for 2 nights in a row!

For me anyway, hubby says he was up a couple of times both nights.  Oh well, I had a good sleep 🙂

It is just amazing how much sleep deprivation affects you.  For the last two days I have actually been able to think straight at work and possibly add some value, whereas the last few months I have been the proverbial wilted flower and have been flying under the radar as far as possible – which in itself irritated the living crap out of me.

HOWEVER, I have been in the foulest mood ever and am ready to strangle either some stranger or my 2yr old – they better watch it.  Hubby has been careful as only he knows how dangerous my moods can be.  I suspect it might be hormone-related..

Daniel the terror

My sweet little angelic boy has turned into Attila the Hun.  He bit 3 children and shoved several more yesterday. 

This is the same boy who is always the one that gets bitten and shoved and runs to greet and hug whoever comes into class.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he wanted to go swimming yesterday morning and wanted me to take him to school instead of daddy?  I’m actually not as mortified as I thought I would be, a little bit of me thinks it quite funny actually.  Look, my child is normal, he also bites!

What does annoy me is the shrieking that started about a week ago.  I so admire the volume button on that little robot in the Robots movie – have a giggle every time we watch the movie (and we watch it rather often..) 

And what’s with opening and closing the dvd player?  He has 30 minutes of TV time a day of a movie of his own choice whilst we feed the girls and finish supper.  We get shrieked at to present the chosen movie QUICKLY and then he watches 3 minutes and proceeds to open and close the dvd player so we have to restart the movie.  Aargh.

Anyway, hopefully the running will make me lose some weight before the big Christening in December (don’t even get me started on that)

In closing:  Every time I think I’m used to having these 3 children I go into their rooms at night to tuck them in before I go to sleep and get stuck watching them.  I especially enjoy standing in the twins’ room looking from one to the other.  It still blows my mind!


“Nie skooltjie nie, gaan swem by Ouma Hannetjie” 

When a Monday morning starts like this I want to go running out the back door – mind you, only after having detached Daniel from my leg as Daddy is not allowed to take him to school these days.  (And it’s only a problem until he gets to school, then whoever drops him off is dismissed without as much as a goodbye cuddle.)

I felt very bad, but Daddy gets to drive 7 km to Sanlam and I get to do the trek to town, so guess who is the lucky winner of the drop-off most days? I try not to add it to the bad mother list as yet another black mark (after working full day and also having to give the twins and hubby some attention), but can’t help it.

If there is one thing I have learnt in the last 7.5 months since the girls were born, it is how important a sense of humor is.  We end up laughing at endless crying, poo and vomit (oh, don’t get me started!).  Sounds slightly insane, but it keeps us sane.. 🙂