Better Days

First off, thanks for all the comments, today was much better.  I managed to get to a Pilates lesson this morning and that also helped.

Sometimes our kids play together so nicely, it makes up for all the biting and screaming and whining.  Here they are over the weekend, the girls were playing on a poof we have and D jumped on them.  You can just make out Isabel’s little teeth in the background 🙂

We were given 2 pairs of crocs and Mignon is obsessed with hers.  I’m talking goes to bed with them and gets upset if we take them off obsessed.  In the mornings we know she’s awake when we hear clonk clonk clonk down the passage! 

Every day I am amazed at how different our children are.  Daniel is a real softie, he is surprisingly gentle with his sisters.  Tonight he had each of them by the hand and they were twirling.  And he was actually watching where he was going.  So sweet.

Isabel loves kissing at the moment and spends a lot of time sitting on the kitchen counter while I cook.  She’s at her happiest if she is sitting at an angle where she can see the TV and watch me.

We are lucky, lucky, lucky parents.  I sincerely hope we don’t fuck them up.

21 thoughts on “Better Days”

  1. Ah Tania, you and your hubby are doing such a fabulous job with your gorgeous children – don’t sell yourself short! But seriously we have to do something to mess with our children’s heads at some point otherwise what will they have to talk about in therapy for the rest of their lives!?

  2. I think we all worry we are going to fuck up. I have started reading that book about the 5 love languages of kids and have realised that I am not meeting my eldests needs – he needs quality time which is the hardest of them all!

  3. Aah sweetpeas! They’re gorgeous and lovely and if you were going to fuck them up, you would’ve started already. Which you haven’t – so nuts to that idea, hey? 🙂 xx

  4. LOL 😀 I worry every day that I’m fucking up 🙂 Then shit like Friday makes me think at least I’m doing a better job than some!
    I also have my ‘softie’ in Tristan, and Connor’s going to be the rough boy! Still amazes me how vastly different 2 kids can be! It’s always nice to reflect at the end of the day and realise how lucky we are as parents! (Just a pity I usually only feel that way when they’re both sleeping) 🙂
    Glad you had a better day 🙂

  5. Aah gorgeous!
    As for the crocs – poor girl having a facination with shoes turns out to be an expensive “like”!

    Your best will always be good enough, don’t worry!

  6. It is great watching them interact….I also get the don’t f### them up….it can happen so easily.
    As for the crocs,she is still little there is time to retrain her into Jimmy Choos, Louis Vittone,Prada,etc

  7. Sweet Daniel. I too have the feeling a lot of times that I am flying by the seat of my pants. I sometimes don’t know who is bringing who up in our house! xxxx

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