Falling off the bus

I have to confess, I have fallen off the diet bus.  In a big way.  I’m not even going to make excuses or flagellate myself about it – I do enough of that for being a working Mom.

BUT, as of Monday, I am back on the bus. 

I also have to go to a really good friend’s baby shower next Saturday and all her other friends are really skinny, rich, good looking Mommies that mostly don’t have to work.  I break out in a sweat just thinking about it and know that I’ll feel like I’m 10 years old with no-one to play with.  But I’ll hide it well..  I sometimes think that if only I were thin I would probably feel better interacting with those types of people, but I know that’s just BS.  They all have their own problems!

Camilla will probably have a field day with this post…

5 thoughts on “Falling off the bus”

  1. I’m at the bus stop with you! Will have to join you on the Tuesday bus though as Mom is taking me out for a birthday lunch on Monday.

    (and yes, am biting my tongue … because looking at those beautiful babies I just know you are a beautiful woman!)

  2. 14 months (almost) since Connor arrived, and my bus left without me long ago. At least we are trying! Good for you getting back on the bus!

    I see all the skinny moms at pre-school every day – perfectly dressed and made up, and feel like a middle aged old bag. Sometimes wish I had a magic wand 🙂

  3. Those skinny woman have their own problems,you have 3 gorgeous kids,a job and a hubbie life doesn’t get much better

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