Happy holidays

At the risk of sounding like I’m complaining, herewith my day so far:

06h00 – 08h30:  changed 5 nappies and 3 sets of clothes between the 2 girls and mopped up Mignon’s breakfast.
Managed to actually leave the house in time to make it to breakfast with friends in Stellenbosch at 09h00 (pat on the back for that one!)  Everyone behaved really well, bless them.

The rest of our day continued much in the same vein, we managed to put a nice dent in our nappy supply, hope that whatever they have Daniel doesn’t get.  Did I mention he is coughing?

We ended up at my Mom’s house for a visit which turned into impromptu supper, which meant a mad dash home to get everyone bathed and into bed.  I really enjoyed the decoration of the inside of the bath and things ended with yet another delivery from Mignon all over the runner in the passage.  I managed to get her out of her cot in time, but just didn’t make it to the bathroom.  (big pat on the back for me, at least I didn’t have to change her bedding)

All quiet for now, wish us well for the night! 

Thank goodness for a sense of humor, at least hubby is also tired…

2 thoughts on “Happy holidays”

  1. If you’re still managing to have a sense of humour, you’re a strong woman. Good luck and hope the little ones get back to normal soon.

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