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I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since I have managed to post!  Every couple of days I log in to read some entries and get so wrapped up that I run out of time to post my own entry!

I have also had to go slow on the blogging at night as hubby is really moaning about me being on line and he reads everything over my shoulder, he is SO nosy!

We were up for an hour last night trying to break a 38.8 fever, Mignon has had this silly fever for the last 2 days, but not enough to take her to the doctor and we have managed it with Empaped.  It has been up and down, 38.4, 37.6, 38.6 etc etc and we eventually washed her down at 1 this morning and that seemed to do the trick.

Thing is, even though I’m not that new at this I never know when to phone the doctor with a fever.  You worry so about them, but you don’t want to be like a hysterical mommy and call if it’s something I can manage at home.  I end up feeling like an idiot and all they do is tell you to bring them in anyway.  R450.00 later.

What is the general feeling about fevers and when to call the doc and any useful tips on getting fevers down??

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  1. i think there is a bug going around ct. Chloe also had these bad up and down fever and I also don’t know when to call a doctor…I think if it touches 39 I’ll call or just take her to ER if a cool wash down dont work

    I also put her skin on skin and it seems to help as well, I absorb her heat and she gets my coolness (sweaty business though)

  2. i also never know, i still handle every fever myself. as long as the medicine helps i am happy. The couple of times i did go to a doc they also just gave me fever breaking meds… and antibiotics which i never gave to baby..

  3. I usually go to the doc if the fever rages for 24 hours and is above 38 degrees. But this caused me to be sent home a few times with meds and a sympathetic smile. (Usually form the ER doc who has no idea hom to talk to a worried mom. Idiot.) Maybe you could try the pharmacy for another type of fever med? The wash down thing sounds good.

  4. Yes! In the beginning i was like a fever taking fiend, taking my sons fever every half an hour to check that it didnt get worse. I dont know, i just prefer to play it safe, because if they have a fever resulting from an ear infection, it needs to be sorted out with proper meds, not stuff over the counter. And im Sh*t scared of fits and things, so if its above 38, im off to emergency!

  5. When little “centre of my universe” gets a fever 39 or higher – off to ER or Doc, but mostly letting her play in a bath of tepid water and sleeping only in her nappy does the trick. The water also seems to calm her down.

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