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This is the space where my well-planned, well-written, witty and funny blog post would have appeared if I had the energy to write it.

It would have been a detailed report of how incredibly stubborn Isabel is (a little scuffle over supper last night) or how Mignon is so very, very attached to Mommy at the moment.

I would have told you all about how Daniel had a lovely birthday on Tuesday, he turned the big 5!  I will share this beautiful pic of him at Dros.  Not that I’m ever setting foot there again.  That place is gross.

Daniel contemplating his menu

This weekend we have our school’s annual nature walk and of course the big Mother’s Day on Sunday.

May all the Moms have a fantastic Mother’s Day and a special special shout out to all my Single Mom friends, your children are blessed to have you!


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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Daniel – what a beautiful photo of him! Sending you love and energy, my friend.

  2. Aw thanks Tania, so glad that Daniel had a good birthday. Lots of hugs and special Mothers Day love. xx

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