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Since we embarked on the whole mission to avoid antibiotics/steroids/cortisone as far as possible for our children we realised that half the battle was making sure that we supplement their diets and boost their immune systems to keep them healthy.  Because there are 3 of them we get a little freaked out when they all get sick, as you can imagine.

We usually give them Multivites all year round, but then kick it up a notch from March to September just to be sure.  They still get sick, but not nearly as sick as they used to and they definitely recover a lot faster!

I often get asked what we use, so here’s a pic and description:

From left to right:

  • Natura’s Coughs and Colds formula for when the sniffles start.  If I don’t catch it in time, we normally move on to Pentagen which also helps with aches and pains and fever (not in the picture, couldn’t find the bottle when I took the pic).  Love the stuff, works like a bomb.
  • We also love the Solgar Vitamin C and Multivitamin chew tablets.  We call them sweeties…  They are great value for money.  I keep checking the price against other kiddy vites and I seriously can’t believe the price comparison.  They work out cheaper than those half-arsed Barbie/Barney vites.
  • Echinaforce: We give the kids each a chew tablet every day and can also crank it up a notch when they do get the sniffles.
  • Respitron from Sportron:  When Daniel was diagnosed with all his allergies 2 years ago his chest was really, really bad.  It just wouldn’t clear up until we eliminated all the stuff he was allergic to and I’m convinced the Respitron made a massive difference.

All of the above stuff was R546.00 on the dot and lasts on average about a month.  But remember that we have 3 children and that a single visit to a paediatrician will probably set you back that much.  And then you haven’t even bought medicine yet.

What vites/supplements do you use?

Ps: Please bear in mind that I am not a doctor and this is not a medical opinion, I’m just a Mom and this was by trial and error!

2 thoughts on “Just some useless info”

  1. Jess and I use Tissue Salts for most things. I have the book and as soon as there is a sign of anything I rush to the book and look up which number salt to use.
    Jess has Balance which is a pancreas support supplement, all natural. Then she takes a multivitamin, Omega 3 capsule and her allergy pill Texa. At night she takes a Glucophage tablet for the insulin issues.
    I really believe that once you have got on top of the chronic colds and flues that our children pick up, the severity and length of illnesses when on the supplement regime is definitely reduced.
    Great post as usual. xx

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