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I was tagged by Luddite Lass, it has just taken me a couple of days to get around to it πŸ™‚

OK, 7 things about me you might not know:

1.  I worked in the hospitality Industry for 8 years before.

2.  I lived in the UK for almost 2 years

3.  Santorini, Greece is my most favourite place on earth after Cape Town

4.  My husband says I snore.  (I, of course, disagree)

5.  I have done my first course in Reiki and would love to become a Master and practice

6.  I LOVE reading, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book

7.  I don’t eat red meat as a rule (or any other meat for that matter for the next few weeks) 

12 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger”

  1. Wow some interesting things on your list.
    My Hubbie also says I snore(really loudly) never hear a thing

  2. LOL @ the snoring. I also get accused of the same thing. Huh, as if! BTW, if you need people to practise Reiki on, I’ll be in the queue.

  3. Hmm very interesting! Good to get to know you a bit better, you are such a darling! **snork** nighty night **Snork** Who me??

  4. My brother also loves Greece (santorini)
    Agree with you about the reading. I’m a Jodi Picoult fanatic

  5. Would love to visit Greece as well!
    My mother snores as well, and I am dreading that I might follow in her footsteps!

  6. Loved Greece esp Santorini. I remember standing in the ‘main rd’ of Oia – wide enough for 2 donkey’s to pass πŸ˜‰ was hysterical

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