Mother’s Day Meme

Tanya Kovarsky,  Editor of the Living and Loving, had this meme on her blog this morning and I thought it would be great to do on Mother’s Day. Click here to visit her lovely blog.

My most embarrassing moment as a mom was when… I had to take our 3 children to the doctor because they were really ill.  The waiting room was packed to the rafters and they ran around like lunatics giggling and laughing.  And then Isabel made a big fat poo in her pants and I had to clean that up with the 4 of us huddled in a really small toilet with a really small basin.  True story.

The worst parenting advice I ever got was… when Daniel was about 6 weeks old my In Laws arrived unannounced one fine Saturday morning and he had been crying for ages.  My MIL suggested that my milk wasn’t ‘strong’ enough.  I was really mad.

The best parenting advice I ever got was… don’t get emotional when your kids don’t eat their food.  Stay calm and unruffled, but be firm about the consequences.  When you get upset you give them the power.

I wish they had have told me that being a mom… would make me feel so torn all the time.  I have spent far too much time and energy feeling like I’m not really good at anything anymore, least of all being a Mom.

My most frightening moment as a mom was when… every time we have to deal with respiratory stuff, most recently the Week of the Croup.  Scares the living daylights out of me when children cannot breathe!

My best mom blog is… I don’t read nearly enough blogs, but I love Shamozal and Tertia

The most awkward question I get asked as a mom is… are those triplets?

If I had to do anything over as a mom, it would be… I would play more and be more silly.  Not that it’s too late now, I just wish I started sooner!

If I could advise new moms to do anything, it would be to… not get stuck at a birthing or breastfeeding experience that doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  All that energy you spend worrying about being a failure will leave you feeling exhausted and stressed out.  It’s not worth it!

The “non-essential” items that became essential were… a pillow in a half-moon shape my Mom lent me for breastfeeding as I couldn’t get comfortable with those other pillows.  And when I was breastfeeding the girls I had two of them.  Best thing ever!

The products that make me look as if I’ve had a decent night’s uninterrupted sleep are…Bright lipstick!  And good coffee.

The things that have kept me sane as a mom are… Blogging, great friends, the usual Facebook and twitter.  And Etienne, because he is really good at pouring wine!

The one thing I’ll never do again as a mom is… trust doctors implicitly.  I would question more and I wish I had discovered homeopathy sooner.

I’d like to be remembered as the mom who…retained her sense of humor!

Motherhood has changed me because I’m… a lot less of a control freak (don’t laugh, it’s true!) and I’m a lot less judgmental.


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  1. I bet you are a fantastic Mom Tania! The best advice I ever received (I have 3 boys) was to be very clear about what you would allow and what you would not allow. Then you must insist that No means NO, every time, not just sometimes.insist

  2. Love this post. I want to add to that list of products about “looking like I had a good nights sleep” – sunglasses!! Also – croup – my word, we’ve been there and worn that t-shirt to heck and back.

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