Not so very nice a person

So tonight I don’t feel like I’m a very nice person.

I recently did a post about our cat constantly peeing in the house and the ensuing visit to the vet. Vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him, but we did the whole antibiotics thing just in case.

Then he went missing. And briefly came back, looking rather skinny. And disappeared again. All this was about a month ago.

Etienne and I went looking for him, alerted the neighbours and eventually just kind of gave up. We vacillated between feelings of guilt and relief.

Tonight our neighbour across the road calls and says that she thinks our cat’s just been run over as there are people in the road. To cut a long story short, I ended up taking a very sick kitty to the 24 hr vet and had him put down. The vet said that there was nothing he could do for him as he had absolutely no blood pressure and he suspected he had feline leukemia.

I feel like such a horrible person, like I failed our cat of all things. Like The Great Parenting Guilt isn’t bad enough.

At least I know where he is, it always would have bugged me otherwise.

Goodbye Kitty Kat.


Ps: and our Dstv is also borked tonight.

7 thoughts on “Not so very nice a person”

  1. 🙁  Oh this is sad.  But you did try your best.  And there wasn’t more you could have done.  Not sure how it works with feline leukemia, but with the kind my daughter had, it isn’t always clear straight-away.  And the symptoms could be other things too.

  2. Oh no man…and we felt that we would have to do the same thing last night…its so horrible.

    You did everything you could..and you did the right thing. 

    I am so sorry…

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