Ode to stay-at-home-moms

I am forever bleating because I have to work full day, but taking care of children is much harder work!

Our childcare nanny decided to do her Matric this year and will be taking a total of 7 days off in the next few weeks (don’t even get me started on this topic, will save the story for another post), so the domestic, grannies, hubby and myself will be juggling the children on those days.  Luckily Daniel goes to school half day and then sleeps in the afternoon, so it really only is from about 14h30 each day.

Today was my turn and I really had to bite my tongue.  We couldn’t go to the park as I have to try and sort out the spare room (long story for next post), so it was the domestic, the 3 kids and myself.

Daniel was DJ and worked his way through 4 bananas which he gracefully shared with his sisters.  I’m still trying to get the shit off my clothes, cupboards, floors, carpets and out of my hair.

And of course, every time I attempted to distract him it ended in a tantrum.  I eventually gave up and took him to the shops, where he ran AMOK.  I think 3 year olds are psycho.  His mood changes every 30 seconds, pretty much at the same rate he changes his mind.  In the trolley, out the trolley, on the front of the trolley, must push trolley, all in the space of a minute.  God help me, I love my child, but he is hard work.  And I don’t know how to spend time with the girls when he is around as he is all consuming, all of the time.  I also refuse to put the tv on in the middle of the day, so I should probably not complain.

So, all I really wanted to say in a roundabout way was this:

There is a special place in heaven for Moms that spend 24/7 with their children.

11 thoughts on “Ode to stay-at-home-moms”

  1. LOL – I have this mental picture of you all covered in bananas! Gives new meaning to the phrase “going bananas”. Good luck with the seven days!

  2. Amen.

    I’d be in a padded cell if I spent every day with my kids.

    By the way, the mood changes continue. My five year old is just as bad.

  3. Hats off to peolpe who have them 24-7 or my own personal nightmare….HOME SCHOOL….don’t know how they do it!!!

  4. Now see, no-one warned me beforehand. Not that is would have changed my mind about kids, but it would have been nice to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I tasted a little of this with all these long week-ends we had lately.
    Looking after a 1 year old 24 hours for 5 looooong days?
    Nanny gets an increase end of this month, I feel like welcoming her every Monday morning with a hug and a kiss.

  6. Think it is actually easier when you are a stay home Mom, in some ways, have done it before I moved my office to my folks place and was able to get a much better routine going than I have now.
    Hope you don’t “go bananas” you would be missed! x

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