On smells and memories

I posted a question about perfume on FB this evening and realised how many memories I have that are linked to smells in general and perfume in particular.

I used to LOVE perfume, but when I was pregnant with Daniel I couldn’t bear even the lightest of perfumes, my sinuses revolted. Then I was breast feeding and I didn’t like him smelling of perfume. And then, soon after, I was pregnant with twins and my sense of smell was so acute I could smell when a colleague changed her brand of softener she used in her washing.

But looking through the comments of this post I’m instantly reminded of my Grandmother’s lavender scented powder and stretching up to see her ‘do her face’ at the dressing table that now lives in the girls’ room.

My first boss in London at Selfridges that wore Amarige, just like my mother used to, and how terribly homesick it made me feel whenever she wafted into the office on a cold, dark London morning.

The first perfume I bought myself in London, First by Van Cleef and Arpels. Followed by Aromatics Elixir from Clinique, that I wore for many years.

Another, much loved, boss that used to wear Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. To this day I think of her when I catch a whiff of someone wearing it.

Wearing Chanel’s Allure on my very special wedding day.

A friend that is no longer in my life that used to wear Red Door, never a personal choice of perfume for me.

I could go on for ages, I may even come back to add some memories, but you catch my drift.

I wonder what smell my kids will remember me by one day?

Do you also remember smells?

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