Party stories

I am taking a day’s leave on Friday so I can sort out the girls’ party for Saturday properly.  When Daniel turned 1 I was overseas at a Conference until 2 days before his birthday and my Grandmother passed away the day before his birthday, so I postponed his party to go to the funeral.

So, I promised myself that if I ever have more children, I would plan their 1st party better.  For some reason this concept has also not taken in my hubby’s head.  He doesn’t understand why you even want to have a party when they turn 1.  He forgets that they will ask and want to see evidence when they grow up.  AND I really want to give them a party! 

So, the fairy party has now become a hybrid fairy/princess party and I really have to stop myself when I go into the shops to buy party stuff, it is SOOO much fun!

I have also caved in and enlisted my mother’s help this time around.  I am always the unhappy recipient of unsolicited advice (parenting, cooking, religion, life in general) and mostly I block the useless info out, so we’ll see how it goes on Saturday!  It must be the only downfall of having both sets of Grandparents around.  All the advice. 24/7/365. Shame, my Mom must think I am a bit like a prickly cactus, but she is about as subtle as one, so hey.

Any other Mom’s get too much advice??

5 thoughts on “Party stories”

  1. Congratulations on the birthday! Hope you all have an absolute wonderful time. Remember, men can never wrap these important milestones around their brains! xxx

  2. Thank goodnes not much advice from parents,my mom is in durbs so not involved and Hubbies parents stay out of our business

  3. advice now and then is one thing! and best at the end of a discussion, when the advisor has the whole picture

  4. I have the most amazing m-i-l she only gives advice if asked for it. To bad my own mother is not the same 🙁

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