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Since the Big Prickly Pear Episode over the weekend Etienne and I have been walking around with my favourite pair of tweezers.  I have several pairs of tweezers, but this is by the far the best one I’ve ever had.  It’s always in my make-up bag so I can whip it out and pluck that stray hair whenever I’m sitting in traffic or whatever.  Every girl should have a favourite pair of tweezers.  And I’m particularly possessive over mine.

Why am giving you this absolute little gem of utterly useless information?

Because I was sitting in an interview yesterday and ran my palm over my neck and SUDDENLY I felt a hair.  A prickly little hair that didn’t belong there.  And I felt completely distracted.  And panicked.

Firstly I was wondering about where my friggin tweezers were and mentally poking a little voodoo doll that looked like Etienne for peeling those farking prickly pears in the house.  Then, as I was leisurely running my hand back and forth over the offending hair I was wondering if the person I was talking to could see it protruding from my neck.  I was wondering if she was going to walk away from the interview and say to someone: “OMG, you won’t believe it, this chick had a massive hair sticking out of her neck!”

I seriously had to pull myself toward myself and focus on the conversation, it was ridiculous.  You know what it’s like when you know you can’t scratch something and ALL you want to do it pick away, like having an annoying pimple.

At least I found the bloody tweezers floating around the house and could resolve the ‘issue’ when I got home.


5 thoughts on “pick pick pick”

  1. Sorry to LOL but I know EXACTLY what you mean. I so admire your honesty for blogging about this. I too have a favourite pair of tweezers and woe betide the person who uses them to examine a bug with and doesn’t wash them and put them back! And until recently I always thought ‘the hair on my chinny chin chin’ was the preserve of little pigs but now I know otherwise! The joys of getting older!

  2. My favorite tweezers disappeared too. I went to go and buy some more at Dischem and when I had spent another R50 or so on the new pair, I found my old ones!!!
    The new ones are rubbish.
    Hope all your “hairs” are gone. xx

  3. LOL…I am just thinking of the last time I ate prickly pears. I think I must have been about 5 or something. I am going to get some this weekend.

  4. You paint such a LOL picture! Know exactly what you mean, have a pair like that too that went awol recently. Luckily the miracuously appeared again.

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