About Mommy Bloggers

I’m going to go out on a limb here about blogging in general and Mommy blogging in particular.  I haven’t until now because, to be honest, deep down I was scared people wouldn’t like me if I ventured out against the stream. Fitting in isn’t something I’m particularly good at to start off with, so hey, here goes.

I have spent a long time thinking about why I blog and how this blog fits into the blogging community, and how much I hate being labelled a Mommy blogger.  This blog started out as a diary for my kids, much as many Mommy (shudder) blogs start out, and has evolved over the 4.5 years it has been going into something bigger.

So what is it now?  Just a blog.  Call it what you want.

I’ve tried shrugging the label off as unimportant because the blog isn’t monetized and will stay that way. I also refuse to take pledges about how I’m meant to and not meant to be blogging.  Life is simple: either read what I write and leave a welcome comment, or don’t read.  The choice is completely yours; I’m not holding a gun to your head.

The whole topic of ‘mommy blogging’ has been blogged about ad nauseam, mostly by mommy bloggers themselves.  Do I find it insulting that people talk about Mommy Blogs?  You bet.  No-one talks about Daddy Blogs, do they? Because that would be insulting and belittling dads.  So why should women bloggers be labelled as such?

If there is, however, one thing that makes me roll my eyes heavenward it is the Smug Self-proclaimed Media Type Mommy Blogger.  I keep telling myself that they are probably hiding behind terrible insecurities and then I want to rush out and write a post about how things will get better and you will, someday, have uninterrupted sleep again and not be such a complete moron and stop thinking you are better than the rest of us mere illiterate-non-media-type-mortals that write substandard drivel and have never heard of a full stop.  Yes, I did that on purpose.

But mostly I want to slap them with a wet eel.

When did blogging become such a mutually exclusive little club?

I’m really lucky that I’m not one of those Media Types. You know the type.  They huddle together in sycophantic circles on Twitter.

“I love you!”

“NO, I love YOU”

“NO!  I love you MORE!” *sprinkles fairy dust*

They’re arch enemies one day and BFFs the next, only to gloss over their differences in an equally sycophantic post.

Get. A. Grip.

You aren’t better than the rest of us mere mortals. You don’t belong to some exclusive club.  We are all parents, we all have shit (sometimes even actual brown stuff) to deal with.  We all worry about money and schools and crime. We all want to raise the best people we can raise without fucking them up, and to be better than we are.

Life’s too short for falseness and on-line politics.  You either like someone and engage with them or you don’t.


ps: I had this sitting in my drafts and wasn’t sure if I was going to be brave enough to post it, but then I saw this post today on “How not to be an asshole blogger” and decided to go ahead and post.

pps: It’s ok, I’ve been called a bitch before, I just choose not to react. So go right ahead.