On buying a car

I recently bought a car.

Not because I wanted to, it was more out of necessity than anything else (tax, blahblah), so budget was a concern. Cars are, in my opinion, just something that get you from Point A to Point B.

In saying that, we needed a Cross Over vehicle, something that we could comfortably take on the gravel roads we seem to frequent when going away for the weekend.

Also: I like to sit high. It’s a thing, don’t ask.

We did NOT want a balloon payment and it HAD to have a proper maintenance plan. Not asking for much, huh?

Herewith some thoughts on the dealerships in our area, I was blown away at how they differ. They fit into very definite personality types.

It’s also like entering into a long-term relationship: you need to be sure before you commit.

Ford: Stalkers

The Ford guy I dealt with when enquiring about the Kuga stalked me relentlessly via email and phone, promising to “make me a deal”, when I knew I could not afford what he had to offer and I was not going to compromise on budget or balloon payments.

Renault: Disorganised

I spoke to a salesman and made an appointment to test-drive the Duster. He had no idea who I was when I arrived. It also took them several working days to get back to me with a trade-in value on my car. They really just were not that into me.

Nissan: Failure to commit

I test-drove the Qashqai, the salesman was going to see about trade-in value and whether he could find me a demo model (which he assured me wasn’t a problem) and I never heard from him again. I was quite tempted to buy the Qashqai, good thing I wasn’t waiting by the phone.. (besides, I have a mental block about the spelling of “Qashqai”, it could have been very awkward)

Toyota: Arrogant

Actually, beyond Arrogant. I called to enquire about a Rav and the sales-man’s response was ¬†between a snigger and a huff. His words were: “You’ll be lucky if you get one, they’re very popular you know.” Well, clearly you don’t need my business dude. I’m buying a car, not joining a cult.

Hyundai: Efficient

You guessed it, I ended up with the Hyundai. The sales people at their Brackenfell showroom were professional, efficient, accommodating and friendly. They kept me in the loop without making me feel stalked. They didn’t cringe at the sight of my 9 year old Renault, they let me test-drive as many cars as I wanted and brought Etienne back to drive. They just put up with my quirks and made me feel like they valued my business in a completely not-creepy way.

So, there you have it folks, some useless info on buying a car. I appreciate that there are some other cars in my price class (ish) I could look at, but I ended up suffering from car-buying fatigue. Besides, the other selling point of the Huyndai was that their dealership and garage is close to work, so it’s not a monumental PITA when the car has to go for a service.

I’m just ever so grateful this whole car-buying thing is done, it was very hard work.

Can I have a nap now please?