I have a split personality

Our children are rather vivacious little creatures as a rule. This means that they are giggly, talkative, silly and loud. Oh so very loud. All the time.

They are also terribly inappropriate at times.

For example:

Every evening we make sure there’s a ‘jammerlappie’ (small wet cloth) at the table so everyone can wipe their hands if/when they have to use their hands to eat as I really don’t enjoy running my hands over my furniture only to find some old, hard rice or fatty hand imprints stuck on the side of a chair. Not that it helps much of course, but we do try.

Tonight we are all sitting at the table, politely encouraging (threatening) children to eat their broccoli when Daniel very politely points out that he wiped his snot on the ‘jammerlappie’.

Chaos ensued. Adults shuddered and vomited a little in their mouths. Children screamed and laughed like maniacs.

Things rapidly went downhill from there.

It dawned on me that I must have a split personality. On the one hand I’m this grown-up person that manages to hold down a job. On the other hand I come home and discuss snot on jammerlappies and who farted the loudest and the longest.

And I had this moment of sheer terror that I would forget one day which personality is which and completely misbehave at work.

But then I got sucked in by the vortex of love and laugh at home and I knew that it didn’t matter at all, because if I can hold on to the love I feel at home 24/7 no-one would notice the odd mention of a fart at work.

Do you also sometimes feel like you’re two completely separate people?