School concert..

I wrote about our shaky track record with school concerts yesterday and I think it is safe to say that our run of horrific bad interesting concerts have come to an end as far as Daniel is concerned.

There are 8 classes in Daniel’s grade, 4 Afrikaans and 4 English and they split it so that the Afrikaans concert was last night and the English concert is next week. Thank goodness they did, the school hall was packed with parents and grandparents, including our motley crew.

I was hugely impressed by the production, our son made us very, very proud and I may or may not have gotten a little teary. But I’m not saying. He danced like a pro with his partner despite his cast and it definitely helped that he couldn’t see us in the crowd of people and cameras. In fact, those kids were all awesome last night, every single one of them. It struck me that they are real people now, no longer chubby toddlers. This made me a little sad.

The girls also loved it and lasted very well, despite a little mutiny about 10 minutes before the end (Mammmmaaaa, ek wil huis toe gaaaaan!) They passed out as soon as we got home.

I also realised that we are a lot less “Afrikaans” than a lot of the people there and more than a little horrified that our children all left the hall singing Baby Tjoklits and begging for the CD. Only slightly more horrified than realising that all 3 of them knew the words already.

But, Afrikaans we are and Afrikaans we shall embrace, we owe it to them.

Where are the pictures I hear you say.

Well. Funny story.

Daniel’s painting of Love

The light was really bad and the video recording I made of Daniel’s performance bombed out.

But I took this really lovely, completely overexposed and utterly un-rescueable pic of a painting he made. You’re welcome.

Every single child made a painting that related to the theme of their individual dance (Daniel’s group did Love) and all the painting were pasted up against the walls of the hall and looked really beautiful.

What does the painting mean? I have no idea, but his was the only one with a sun. So there.

Annual School Concert Consternation

This past Saturday was the annual school concert at our kids school.

First up was the Grasshopper Class that (technically*) is the girls’ class. I was front and center and got quite a fright when they came out as they looked so much alike.  It probably also has to do with the fact that they were wearing something I hadn’t seen them in before.  For a moment I realised what it must be like for people that don’t know them well to see them, even though they are never dressed the same.

What was the first thing they both did?  Look for their Dad.  Bless.

In general it was a vast improvement from last year when Mignon was really under the weather and they were just too small to understand the whole thing.  They looked like they were having fun and actually participated beautifully!

After their songs they were herded off the stage, only to come right back out and both sit on my lap.

Next up, Daniel’s turn.

Daniel has a dodgy past when it comes to school concerts.  The first year he bypassed the stage and peed on his teacher’s dress (long story).  Last year he spent some time on the stage, but not with his own group.  The rest of the time he was eating snacks with us on the picnic blanket.

This year was, well, special.

We had a good run to start with as he knew all the words and the jokes and the songs.  He made it onto the stage and that’s where things started going awry.  He was a seahorse and they had stuffed pillows in the front of their t-shirts that gave him a perfect excuse to do this:

He also only cared about spotting Dad and Ouma Hanni.  He then got given the microphone to say his words, froze, and promptly got off the stage and made a beeline for me.  And then all 3 kids jostled for space on my lap.  In the middle of the concert.  And I couldn’t make them go anywhere as it was too packed with parents.

To our awesome teachers: what an amazing job you did.  It was a brilliantly executed and very well planned and rehearsed affair.  Hats off to you!

*Technically as in they roam between classes.  The school indulges them as they have a chance to mix with a bigger class and also spend some time away from each other when they need it.  I always find it amazing that they spend 24/7 in each other’s company and don’t rip each other apart.