My humble thoughts on Steve Hofmeyr

I’m no political satirist or activist.  But I am a Mom and I am Afrikaans and I do have some thoughts and concerns I would like to share.

It was with great interest I followed Steve Hofmeyr’s reaction on Bono’s comments over the weekend and the ‘shocking’ admission today that it was all a publicity stunt.

I get that he felt the need to share that he dumped his R5000 tickets and had a good giggle at the ensuing remarks on twitter.  But I was a little annoyed at the Neil Diamond remark (‘All I ask is that Neil Diamond keeps his political trap shut until after Sweet Carolina’)  Was this not a tad out of line?

He then proceeded to post a picture of himself and his boys having sushi instead of going to the U2 concert.  I’m curious, did he call up his ex-wife and say ‘Hi, I’m taking the boys out for sushi instead of going to U2 so I can take a pic and stick it on twitter so everyone can see that I’m a fabulous Dad and that I gave old Bono the middle finger’

I wonder if it occurred to him to that he might be using them for his own agenda?  It did to me.

I wonder if Steve has ever been to Ireland?  Whether he has been to Belfast?  I wonder what he actually knows of their ‘troubles’?  I doubt if he is in any position to judge them and their version of the struggle.

I also see that he is very active within Afriforum.  I wonder if, in his opinion, there is a difference between being Afrikaans and being an Afrikaner? (and lets not even get into who qualifies as Africans and who not, we’ll be here forever).  I think he does think there is a difference.  I think that, despite all his statements to the contrary, he does judge people according to race and colour.

As his twitter bio suggests, he is an ‘angry activist’.  Surely this suggests that in his mind some people are excluded from being Afrikaners, as opposed to being Afrikaans?

Interestingly enough I cannot help but notice that the photos on the Afriforum Facebook page are exclusively of white people.  Does this not worry you just a teeny weeny bit?

I get that he feels he has a duty and I respect his choices and that he wants to use his ‘fame’ to do so.  I also get that Bono probably spoke out of turn, but I do think a lot of people chose to take what he said out of context.

Organisations such as Afriforum and opposition parties such as the DA are neccessary in my very humble opinion as it helps keep people honest, and I appreciate that they are taking this whole “kill the Boer” issue to the Courts, but where is the line between making a point and leaning ever so slightly towards being militant and exclusive.  Is Steve not doing exactly what Malema is doing, just in reverse?

I live in deep dark Cape Town and I suspect things are slightly different here than in Blue Bull country.  Here we embrace people that are Afrikaans, regardless of what their colour is.

We even love saying Jou Ma se …..

With meaning.