What is your favourite?

Isabel has this thing she does.

Whenever you ask her to pick a dress / movie / shoes / book / fruit she’ll say ”What’s your favourite?”

Now, if you’ve been a parent (specifically of a child as stubborn as she is) for longer than 2 minutes you will know that this is a trick question, designed to test you. A question that never has the right answer, or at least not until they have driven you to the liquor cupboard out of sheer desperation. Do not fall into the trap. I repeat: do NOT fall into the trap. Especially as she taunts you with the idea of “letting” you decide on her behalf when, in fact, it gives her a reason to shoot down all your proposals.

Are you seeing our dilemma?

It does make for some interesting conversations though.

Parent: Isabel, which book would you like to read tonight?

Isabel: What’s your favourite? (said whilst bouncing around the room)

Parent: My favourite is the fairy book. Yes! Let’s read the fairy book!

Isabel: “shakes head” No thanks.

Parent: So, which one would you like to read seeing as how I picked one and you don’t like it?

Isabel: What’s your favourite? (cue more bouncing)

Parent: Er. The number book?

Isabel: “vehemently shakes head” NO.

Parent (in soothing, desperate voice): Please Isabel, what would you like to read?

Isabel: what’s your favourite? (bouncing has increased to manic stage)

And so you will carry on, at the mercy of our little madam until you eventually get to the option she wanted in the first place.

I almost prefer the “why” stage. It’s a LOT more fun and you feel a lot less rejected. If you want to pursue a career in sales having children is a wonderful way to teach you resilience and to handle rejection.

What do your kids say to drive you nuts?