The Fine-print

Sometimes I feel like I somehow missed the fine-print in my Parenting Contract.

The fine-print that is all that stuff that is not strictly Black and White.  Not the Ten Commandments “Thy shalt not kill thy sister” kind of stuff.

For example:

As much as they wind me up beyond belief, I hate that any of the kids might feel unfairly treated/unloved in any way.  I want to run screaming to the hills when they fight over something and I have NO idea who’s it was in the first place.  They never mentioned that when I signed my contract.

Like the little ice cream stick that almost caused WW3 between the girls this morning.  Yes, an ice cream stick.  That little piece of wood that an ice cream is on.  There were tears, there was screaming. Omigod.  Definitely not in the fine-print.  Etienne diffused that one by distracting Mignon with a sticker.

Then we get to the car.  Isabel gets in front. (front airbag is disabled and they take turns to sit in front) (there is a Schedule for this).  (trust me)

Etienne had already left, so I wasn’t on top of the Schedule.  Daniel (after unsuccessfully looking for his shoes and already slinking to the car with slumped shoulders) comes stomping outside.  And crumples in a heap of tears.  It’s HIS turn to sit in front. Mentally I rolled my eyes and furiously started oh-ming like I’m in a Yoga class.  Because I KNOW Isabel is by far the most stubborn of the 3 and no mere mortal was going to move her from that seat.  Regardless of whether she was right or wrong.  Also not in the fine-print that one.

A little verbal shuffle ensued, in the drive-way of course, in full view of all the neighbours, but eventually Daniel was in the back after Isabel solemnly promised that it was her turn to sit in front.

Which of course it wasn’t.  And she knew very well.

Etienne will have a word with her when he collects them this afternoon.  And she will apologise to Daniel.  And then I will also apologise to Daniel when I get home this afternoon, because I know he won’t forget.  Another thing they forgot to mention in the fine-print.

Here they are on Sunday, waiting for soft serve in Melkbos.  God, I love them. (Isabel in the middle)


3 thoughts on “The Fine-print”

  1. They say that if anyone takes the trouble to fight then at least you know there is love and if they dont ever argue they dont care about each other and there is no love……., although in this case I think the love would be to the front car seat and the ice cream stick as opposed to the actual sibbling at that particular time 🙂 but picturing the scene i have to smile just a little and tell you my favourite words, smile and wave chica!

  2. I get you on the fighting over the most stupid items.
    love the pic….see she is still wearing the dress(love it)

  3. I am now going to make a new chart – and let each of them be “engine” for the day – that day they can choose the DVD, Bible story, get out of bath first/last whatever the fashion is at the moment. I just can not stand the fighting any more.

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