The long awaited Crazy Sister post

My sister, bless her, is almost 7 years younger than me.  And she is an even bigger hypochondriac than my mother. 

She is all of these things:
1.  almost blind in her right eye
2.  problems with her feet as a child, but refused to wear the correcting shoes 
3.  suffers from epileptic fits, but only in her sleep
4.  A serial church hopper.  We were raised NG and she has been accepted into the Shofar and Old Apostolic churches.  Since she broke up with the last (Old Apostolic) boyfriend she has scaled down on the church attendance.  She now drinks wine again.
5.  Both of the above changes coincided with different boyfriends
6.  She is also a serial career hopper.  She will be 30 this year and has started several courses and has been in Law, Security Installations and the latest is a dispensing assistant (which falls really nicely with the hypochondria). 
7.  She says she really, really wants to be a quantity surveyor.
8.  She has dated many guys, all master manipulators
9.  She has been engaged only once – to the Apostolic guy mentioned above.  He wasn’t the manipulator in this case, his Dad was.
10.  As a child she was a nightmare sibling.  I vividly recall hectic tantrums etc etc etc
11.  She is a little OCD
12.  She still cannot switch on the oven
13.  She loses her short-term memory every time she has a fit.  This is a really shitty one as I cannot fight with her because she doesn’t remember why I am pissed at her.
14.  She and my mother fight like cat and dog
15.  She still lives with my folks
16.  She still throws a mean tantrum, but that’s ok, so can I
17.  She has the EQ of a 15 year old (but so do I probably for doing this post)
18.  In my weak moments I call her selfish, but she just has no awareness of herself and the consequences of her actions.  How do you teach someone this??

I accept that most families have a sibling that requires more TLC than your average person and I try to accept her the way she is, but it is really hard sometimes.

I have however managed to remove myself as the go-between between her and my mother as therein lies a minefield.  I also try to deal with each episode as a stand alone and not harbor grudges.  (This is a result of much counseling)  I don’t hold on to stuff, I say it like it is and try to move along swiftly.  Hard though!

She really is a nice person, but we need to be related, because I think she is damn hard work as a friend.

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  1. like you said there is always one in the family! Oh well she’s family you gotta love her warts and all:)

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