The weekend

Etienne took Daniel fishing this weekend and I had the girls. He asked really nicely if he could take all the kids (keeper!) but I wouldn’t let him.

I’m really happy I insisted as I had 2 awesome days with my girls and Daniel had some much needed 1-on-1 attention from his Dad.

My master plan for the weekend was to let the girls pretty much just have a ball and enjoy all the things they are never allowed to have because their brother isn’t allowed. (all those food allergies). So there was pizza, milkshakes and McDonalds on the menu for them and they were in heaven.

We snuggled on the couch, had their nails done at a little kiddy place in Tygervalley, went to a special little girl’s party and did some more snuggling and mall-trawling today.

Actually, the McDonalds wasn’t planned, but we were having an awesome time (read: Mom was drinking wine) and they were happily playing at my friend Leo’s house so I was in no mood to fling food together last night.

I know I always have a lot to say about junk food, but it’s just a personal choice. I don’t judge. Promise. I only judge people that don’t buckle in their children. Really.

But. If I buy junk food I’m not too going to force my children to eat it. And they don’t. They only want the toy. A very clever Mom (Hi Shaz!) on Facebook suggested that you can just buy the toy. So hey, I think I’d rather do that next time.

By lunchtime today I was really missing Etienne as we haven’t been apart from each other for more than a night for almost a year. I was doing some mental foot tapping, waiting for him to come home.

It was however a nice break for all of us and great to see my boys tonight, extra squishy hugs and cuddles for both of them. Even though Daniel refused to speak to me on the phone the whole weekend, he was far too busy having fun with all the other boys.

This week’s going to be interesting as it’s going to be a whole 5 days long for a change. Ykes.

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