Why you don’t leave your handbag unattended.

Daniel loves being kissed in the mornings when I am wearing lipstick, so clearly wanted to return the favour last night.  Hubby had to restrain him as all he wanted to do was kiss me.  Sweetie 🙂


And, a BIG welcome to little Zani that was born this avie!

9 thoughts on “Why you don’t leave your handbag unattended.”

  1. very cute – tomorrow morning do you lipstick like he did and pin him down and kiss him all over 🙂

  2. I normally do, it’s a family joke, the girls at his school spend the first 5 minutes cleaning his face!

  3. they aren’t allowed to wear any cartoon character clothes to school, it’s a Montessori thing as they don’t encourage competition amongst the kids. So we let him wear the stuff at night

  4. I was going to say boys will be boys but in this case it’s more like boys will be girls. My four-year-old came with me to the Ladies at the Westcliff at this fancy wedding we went to in Jo’burg. The bride and maid of honour and the flower girl were all touching up their make-up. The flower girl is ages and friends with my son and he wanted lipstick like her. The maid of honour was quite horrified when I put some lipstick on him too. It lasted all of two minutes until the next prawn of his dinner was stuffed in his mouth.

  5. What a lovely little face, how can you not want a kiss??
    Congrats to your friend and welcome to the world Zani.(Love the name)

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