Twinnie twin twin

I know we are only just a month into the year, but I’m already suffering from a little party-fatigue, so I sent Etienne off to a party with Daniel on Saturday.  I also feel like I don’t get to spend any time with Mignon and Isabel, just us girls. 

So, I had a big plans.  First a little R&R quiet time on the couch with Barbie Mermaidia as we needed some quiet time before going out for supper.

Then we were going to paint toe nails.

And then we were going to decorate Marie biscuits.

And all of this was going to happen whilst humming something wholesome.

In reality this happened:

We cuddled on the couch, I close eyes for 30 seconds before they get pried open by little fingers “Word wakker Maaaammmmmaaaa!’ (Wake up Mommy!)

They then ran off, I find them giggling in the sandpit, playing their own little twinnie-game.  I started trying to pry them away and realised that they were actually just happy being together, playing by themselves.  So I sat watching them from a distance and marveled at how they can play and play and play.  They didn’t even want juice and cookies!

I eventually managed to coax them inside with Marie Biscuits, pink icing and smarties and fun was had by all. (Which reminds me, I still need to wipe icing off some really strange surfaces…)

I’m going to send Etienne to more parties, I can see why he doesn’t mind staying home with the girls, they’re a breeze!

ps: As I opened my eyes this morning, there Daniel was, telling me he’d like a Rapunzel party.  My children spend A LOT of time discussing party themes.  It ranges from Princess and the Frog parties to Scooby Doo parties.  We just nod and smile.  And I pretend to not internally wring my hands in the sheer terror of not living up to their expectations. Is it just me?

Edit to add:  Just re-read this.  Please don’t think the girls don’t fight and I live a hipster life.  It’s all sand and muck in reality and no time for being smug.  Just so you know.

11 thoughts on “Twinnie twin twin”

  1. How lovely that your girls play so well and happily together. My boys have their moments of playing nicely but they are usually sharply punctuated by hitting, kicking and yelling (and that’s normally the little one beating up the older one!) D is obsessed about party themes and presents – has been planning his next one almost before the dust had settled on the last one. I just smile and nod and say “we’ll see what you think nearer to your birthday” – knowing full well we’ll have gone through at least ten other themes and presents by then.

  2. We still have party theme discussions, Jess is now 11 and will not be having an official party again until she turns 13, so I am hoping that this will not continue for another two years!!
    It is wonderful that the girls are “twinny” twins. I remember being at Junior School in England with a set of twins, who, believe it or not, seemed to hate one another and couldn’t wait to be apart. Weird hey?! xx

    1. I guess twins are all different? M & I have very different personalities, so for all I know they might also end up hating each other, but it would break my heart!

  3. hehe. The party theme thing. We also discuss it a lot. We have 8 months until the next party, but even the cake, invitations and guests have been decided by Bubbaloo…

  4. What’s that saying…. let sleeping dogs lie…?
    It’s really cool when they get so engaged with a game that not even juice and cookies are a distraction. Party planning might be a second career for Kidlet with the amount she does

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