I sometimes wonder what goes on in people’s minds.

We were in Baby City yesterday with the girls in the twin pram.  The pram pretty much stayed in front as it is impossible to push a pram around the Baby City in Rosen Park, there’s too much crap in the shop.

Anyway, I’m standing at the till and this woman comes up to the pram and looks at them and comments on how it must be a boy and a girl.

They were wearing little blue and turquoise tops with lace and frills.  I ask you with tears in my baby brown eyes, why would someone think that, just because a baby is wearing any other color than pink, that they should be a boy??

And don’t even get me started started on strange people that try to engage the girls when Isabel generally freaks out at a strange face and starts crying.  It’s very presumptuous of people to assume that all babies will respond with a smile.

Mignon is also almost crawling at not even 8 months!  She is crawling backwards at the moment, so lets see how long it takes.  I love this phase of their development when they get mobile, they are so proud of themselves when they get it right!

Little madam Isabel on the other hand is not interested at all.  She sits on the floor playing by herself for ages, too cute!

It really amazes me that at such an early age they already each have their own personality, Mignon being the extrovert and Isabel the introvert.

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  1. Well, how’s this for odd. I would go to the mall, one dressed in PINK, the other in BLUE and they would ask “are they both boys?”

    yes dear, but we really wanted a girl so we are dressing the one boy baby in pink. We think he might be gay.

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