We have been toying with getting another dog for a while now so Jack (our pure-bred Afrikanis) can have a mate. Thing is, it’s Etienne’s turn to choose and he has been wanting to replace our beloved Labby we lost in January.

On Wednesday a friend that knows how much we love Labby’s and Beagles called to ask if we could take 2 Beagles that are at the SPCA at the moment. We can only take one, so after some to and fro it was decided that we would have the girl.

Cue the impressive array of paperwork that the SPCA now requires over and above the standard home-check before they will give you an animal. Which is, in my opinion, a great thing. They also require us to take Jack to socialise with the dog we plan to adopt. More good thinking, just rather cumbersome as they are on the other side of Cape Town and we can only get there over the weekend.

We went though this morning to meet our little girl and she is gorgeous! But so is the mate she came in with and a Labby a couple of doors down. And the 2 obviously pure-bred Scotty dogs. And a very scared-looking terrier that must have been treated quite badly by some nut. The staff at the Grassy Park SPCA are very professional in a firm and polite way and the whole operation looks like it is well-run and clean. Kudos to them.

It breaks my heart to go there and not be able to take several animals, especially now in winter. But then I’ll probably end up single as I’m forever coming home with animals.

I have suggested that Etienne and Daniel go through next Saturday with Jack and make the decision. I won’t be able to make a logical choice at all I’m afraid and I know Etienne will make a good decision.

Hold thumbs that those doggies all get homes and if you know of someone that wants to adopt an animal, please feel free to contact the SPCA on (021) 700-4140!

4 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. Wow exciting,don’t know if I could decide either.
    Hope the new addition is very happy with it’s new home

  2. We do our adopting through the Uitsig Rescue Centre, they are so caring and love all the animals. We really hit a jackpot with our Aimee, she has turned out to be the ideal companion for Jess and she thinks that I am a great food provider!! 😀
    I am sure the “boys” will choose a great friend for you all. xx

  3. We also have a Labby and a Jack as mates, called Klippies & Cola. They’re a much better pair than we thought they would be. But wow, Bassets are adorable! Good luck choosing!

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