Another parenting award in the mail. Like the cheque.

Once again I have amazed myself at my completely stupidity as a Mom.  Really.

Mignon has been very whiny and clingy and miserable the last couple of days.  And full of crap and drama.  And, as you all know, I DON’T DO DRAMA.  I abhor drama and hysteria in any shape or form.  So, I have been rather impatient with all this.

The pits was this morning when hubby made her 2 slices of toast and the one crust broke off.  Which meant that the 2 slices didn’t fit 100% on each other.  Much crying ensued and  Isabel and Daniel literally stared at her with a mixture of awe and disgust, it was quite funny to watch.  (it would have been funnier if we weren’t late as usual and I was willing that piece of farking toast down her throat like you can’t believe)

At school I was relating the story to Daniel’s teacher with much rolling of eyes and she asked whether I made other toast.  To which I replied:  Hell no.  And she nodded in a way which I took to mean agreement.

And then I did a bit of reflection today and thought that I am really tough on them sometimes and resolved to be a little more flexible.  Only, this is usually DH’s role.  But still.And the kids are at school the whole day and they probably need attention and love from us, not the running around that is us at the moment with no domestic help. 

I have been thinking about collecting the girls before their nap time and then just doing telephone calls and emails in the afternoons, but know that this will just not work.  It was really sweet to collect them last week when they weren’t well.

AND THEN, DH tells me their teacher asked him this morning if I was going to fetch them half-day as a rule or not.  And he said no, why?

Because Mignon refuses to go to sleep in the afternoon, she is waiting for her Mommy.


25 thoughts on “Another parenting award in the mail. Like the cheque.”

  1. Hey Tania. You’re too hard on yourself. I would definitely not let any of mine get away with that drama either; except I’m more the “cold” type, “well either you eat it or you go to school hungry, and then you’ll feel bad by the second lesson.” I’ve also got 2 girls, and Robin doesn’t remember now but she was quite as much of a drama queen and manipulator as Meggie is trying to be now, and I didn’t let her get away with it either. They do normalize. Encourage her dramatic talent in other ways; she can make you a puppet show (with fluffies) while you relax.

  2. Shame, poor Mignon and poor you. You all seemed to enjoy last week’s arrangement even if it was because of sickness and little M obviously wants it to continue. Ag togies, she’s just been over-tired.

  3. Make another piece of toast? Hell no! Not even I would entertain that, and I do anything to keep the peace! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ll be so grateful to yourself one day for being so firm.

  4. Make more toast??? Are you nuts,no way in hell,you should be in my house in the mornings…eat what you get or starve!They do enjoy aftercare when they are there.

  5. o no! da mummy guilt even when we are right, as u were. BebeLuv is 5months & when she gets crabby I speak to her like she’s 12,, comforting her but at the same time talking to her about unwelcomed behaviour lol. Its just my nature to explain things non stop as we go throught them and what’s cool and whats not, then I feel abd cos I’m not the molly coddling type, but thankfully DH supports this & says she’ll just ature quicker & learn she has a no nonsense Mama :/

  6. 🙂
    Do you see what I mean by that big white block? I want to make that and the nomination badge smaller..

  7. Can you send me the HTML code that you had to paste in for both of them? I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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