Book Club Mania

I belong to a book club.  A really fabulous book club.  Not all the gals read as much as they should (it IS a book club after all), but the company is great and we are all kind of in the same place at the moment.

In our house we often joke about the parent:child ratio being 2:3 .  It gets a bit rough sometimes, but it gets better as they get older. At least now when you are busy and someone needs your attention you can ask them to just wait a moment.  When they’re a little baby you are hopping all over the show.

Tonight, sitting  amongst these amazing women, I realised that if only the Moms were to go out with all the children we would be 8:21.  That’s right.  8 adults to 21 children.

Here some interesting stats:

  • 3 of us have twins
  • 4 of us have only girls
  • 2 of us have only boys
  • 2 of us have a mix of boys/girls
  • 6 of us have 3 kids each

In a society where it is generally accepted that families have 2 children I just find it amazing that there are so many 3 child families.  Very cool.

How many kids in your family?  If you could choose, how many kids would you want?

4 thoughts on “Book Club Mania”

  1. Geez when you spell it all out ,us book club do have a s## load of kids and considering half of us are pathetic in the fertility zone,not bloody bad.I think we would have like 4 but time caught up with us just a touch too fast!

  2. I have two boys. I like having two children. I don’t think I could handle a third.

    If I look at my Book Club which also has 8 mums:
    1 has twins,
    2 have only girls
    2 have only boys
    4 have a boy and a girl
    1 has 3 children
    6 have 2 children


  3. One is like having a dog, two is like having a zoo, three…

    The verdict is still out. Number three crept up on us when we were’nt looking. Think two or zero is a good number, but I wouldn’t give them back. Would love to strangle them every so often. They do get better as they age, but apparently the problems get bigger too….

  4. Gee yes, we only wanted two. But now I can not imagine just having two.

    Our Bookclub used to be a mommies type one – most of us had kids. Then when the cycle ended and some of the mommies resigned we decided that we wanted to talk less about kids as most of us are there for an “escape” . So we diversified. Now we have 2 over 50 members and one turning 50 this month. And 3 unmarried kidless ones. It is so much better.

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