No Words

I tweeted last night:  “The best thing about Mondays? Having some personal space”

We had a long weekend of lurgies at home and had cancelled all our plans so we could keep the kids quiet and also to spend lots of time with them.  As you can imagine, by last night the weekend was getting extremely long.

This morning I couldn’t wait to get to school so I could just come to work and sit quietly in my office for a little while with no-one(2, or 3) on my lap/yelling MammaMammaMammaMamma/demanding food or juice/crying about some terrible injustice their brother or sister committed.

I was extremely excited to drop them off and literally leave the school parking lot with spinning tyres.

And then.

A teacher hands me part of the weekend newspaper.
With a story about a Mom we know that shot herself and her beautiful boy
last week.

I really have no words.  And if I did they would not be soft words of understanding for the Mom right now.

But I will tell you this much:  my life is right back into perspective and I’m going home to hug my children HARD today.

C and Little H, may you rest in peace.


Hello everyone,

just a quick pop-in to check up on all of you and ask you to please pop in at this forum and see if you can offer any advice?  I know most of you don’t have twins, but a lot of you have more than one child and some more of you are single parents.


ps Miss you all terribly, will visit regularly, but you know where to find me too 🙂

Blogging stuff

Hi everyone,

I absolutely love Parent24 and if it wasn’t for Adele, Zayaan and Robi and everyone here I probably would have drowned in a sea of vodka by now.

This year, however, I have made myself some promises besides the ‘lose 30kgs and get fit’ stuff.  I am taking more time for myself this year and I really want to start writing on more diverse topics, as much as our kids are such an easy thing to write about.

So, to this end I have created another blog because, as all of us here, I am many things, not just a Mom.  It’s still looking a bit bare, but I’ll get there!

Wish me luck!

ps: I am not breaking up with you, just seeing other blogs 😛

Early morning stories

Daniel has started  the habit of crawling into bed with hubby and I at about 6am every morning lately.  It’s the same every morning:

he walks around the bed to my side

he climbs in between hubby and I

he crawls into my arms

he scratches and fiddles

I turn around

he goes back to sleep, mercifully!

(I think he realises at that point that he best lie still otherwise he’ll be booted)

Of course, just as hubby gets up Mignon also comes staggering into the room and there goes that last 10 minutes off blissful pre-get-up sleep.

Daniel is at this point lying in the middle of the bed and I knew that I would not be able to move him, so I had Mignon lying on top of my full bladder.  Which meant I had to get up after a quick cuddle.

Off the 2 of us went to the loo and as I sit down she looks at my nether regions and says “Mamma, jou koekie is vol hare”.



Sharing and caring

I had a long awaited and much anticipated little parenting victory yesterday.  I’m feeling all smug at the moment, but I’m sure someone (i.e. one of my 3 children) will burst that little bubble in a minute.

It happened like this:  A friend gave Daniel some Magical Beans yesterday as he saw them at her house and loved them.  Of course Mignon and Isabel demanded on the spot that he shares with them.  I mean, we did teach them to share after all, didn’t we?

I realised that this is something that he really wanted for himself so I explained that they were his and that if he didn’t want to share he didn’t have to, but that the choice was his.  And I braced myself for the inevitable grinding of teeth and mopping of tears.  They did complain, but I just stuck to my guns and they eventually simmered down.

Then Daniel pipes up: “Would you each like a pink one?”  This was absolutely incredible because

a. he didn’t have to share and

b. pink is his favourite colour. (no really, it is)

I was so ridiculously proud of him and I just realised that sometimes he has a really hard time.  He’s had his life invaded by these 2 little whirlwind girls and has parents that demand that he shares absolutely everything with them, but for once someone piped up and said No.  And he still shared.

Remind me to give him an extra hug and kiss when I collect them today?

I survived!

I feel like I’m on holiday for the first time today as I have no more pending parties to worry about.  How silly is that?  And I’m meant to be working today as the kids were carted off to Holiday Camp this morning.

I spent the entire holiday in a mode of suspended worry about Christmas, then my party on the 1st and lastly my FIL’s 80th this past Saturday.

But it’s all done now and I feel ready to start planning Mignon and Isabels’ party in March and then Daniel’s in May.  (don’t think I can’t hear you think what  sucker I am, deep down I enjoy it!)

Anyhoo, here some pics of the table Saturday. We had the party at Bloemhof and it was perfect for my FIL.  He wanted real ‘boerekos’ and the food and service was outstanding.

I did the flowers all by myself!  Check out the little 80’s on the table, the handwritten name cards (me) and the printed serviettes (in Afrikaans nogals, courtesy of Bunches for Africa, thanks Deblet!!).

But my favourite part of the weekend?  My friend Sue’s 40th at Warwick Wine Estate yesterday.  Good company, great food, lovely venue, perfect weather and absolutely perfect for children.  Well worth a visit!  Here are the girls on the jungle gym, Daniel was playing in the water most of the day.

Just a little whine

We had the first really bad night last night is absolute ages, both husband and I are complete wrecks today. On a forecasted 38 deg C day.

Isabel was in and out of our room literally the whole night, the longest stretch we slept was from about 2h45 until 3h20.  We tried everything, taking her top off, put the fan on, checked that the mosquito thingy works, gave her water, talked to her.  She has a mozzy bite that’s looking a bit dodge, but I think she was just really, really hot, poor sausage.

And then Daniel came into our room at about 5am saying he’d wet his bed.  He must have realised he needed to make a wee but didn’t make it to the loo in time as the top of his duvet was wet. So, off went the duvet and I just chucked a sheet over him and off to dreamland he went again.

And inbetween I dreamt that a friend’s husband died and that our house got re-possessed.  WTF?

Must dash, off to my Mom’s house to spend the day in their pool..

Prayers please

Late on Saturday night I received an sms informing me that an ex-colleague’s 18 month old daughter drowned on New Year’s Eve in their pool and is on life support in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. 

Initially she was declared brain dead and then there was some brain activity yesterday.  Now it seems she is really not doing well.  I don’t have all the details, just what other friends have told me.

What has been the most amazing is how people have rallied around this family in prayer.  The outpour of messages on Facebook, people that I haven’t spoken to in ages have contacted me just to check if I knew and ask me to pray for this little girl. 

For some reason this has really been playing on my mind, so much so that I have been battling to sleep and am wandering around the house at night, checking on the kids.  This is just a little too close to home.

Please keep this little girl in your prayers, her Mom is so special and please please be careful around pools with your little ones.

Happy happy and all that

So, we survived Christmas and New Years, thank goodness.

Next up is my Father-In-Law’s 80 th birthday party this coming Saturday.  Which I am meant to be in charge of.  And as usual my darling husband is confused as to why I am stressed about the detail.

I’ll pop back in soon to post pics, promise 🙂 

So far so good

This Christmas has been such a total emotional roller coaster, I’m exhausted.

On Christmas Eve the cooking and cleaning started and I felt so bad for our kids, but we just had to focus and get on with it.  We did a ‘spoil’ supper of pizza, dressed them in their pj’s and took them for a drive (BoneyM blaring) to Bothasig, a suburb where many of the houses go completely OTT with lights.  We decided to spend Christmas Eve together as a family, despite both sets of Grandparents asking us to come around repeatedly.

On the drive it hit me that this is MY family.  We are creating our own traditions and memories.  We are responsible for making this special for them.  Christmas isn’t about me anymore, it’s ALL about the children.  

We went BIG.  We did the whole flour-footprints-cookies-for-santa-thing.  He even pressed his hands against Daniel’s window to check if he was sleeping:

The kids’ faces in the morning when they saw the presents and the stockings were priceless.  SO worth making the effort!

Christmas day was packed with preparations as I, stupidly, did all the side dishes (with help form hubby) and decorated the table.

The menu was:

Leg of lamb and gammon (brought by in-laws)

Tongue (brought by my folks)

Chicken (Weber, hubby)

Roast potatoes (hubby)

Rice and sauce (hubby)

Marinated Mushrooms (me)

Quinoa Salad (me)

Sweet and Sour Onions (hubby and me)

Green salad (me)

Dessert was trifle (MIL) and Pavlova (me)

All of this would have been fine had I not decided to attempt Martha Stewarts’ cookies.  Never ever ever ever again.  Took me friggin ages.  Trust me.  Don’t do it.

Here are the Christmas tree cookies and the name ‘cards’, done also on cookies and iced by hand.  (Very wonky, please don’t mock!)

This was the table:

Here are the kids, waiting to open their presents:

Next year we are going away.  I am not doing the whole bang shoot for 15 people again anytime soon.  And if we do I will be delegating a lot more!

Hope everyone had a lovely, lovely time!!