Danielisms and other stuff

Daniel was jumping from the coffee table to the couch tonight (yeeesss, we let them jump on the couch.  Only at home though.  Mostly) when he probably missed and bumped his head.

When I heard the “doef” I came running from the kitchen, only to find him rubbing his head and saying:

“Ek’s orraait Mamma” 

Hubby bought each of the girls a top at the recent Naartjie sale and my Mom bought them exactly the same colour pants about a week later, not knowing that we had the tops.  How random is that?

Anyhoo, herewith pic of girls on coffee table in their outfits.

11 thoughts on “Danielisms and other stuff”

  1. I am so glad I am not the only mommy who allows my boy to jump on everything… But we got him a trampoline to save our couch :)…

    Cute girls 🙂

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