Day 6 – Something you hope you never to have to do

This is what this is all about.  Just so you know 🙂

This 30 days of Truth is seriously getting in the way of talking about my delicious children, so for today’s post I’ll combine the two.  Because, besides hoping never to loose a child (like my Brother-in-law that lost a child and his wife in a car accident), I hope never to loose my family in any way.  I cannot imagine anything worse.

If I ever had to loose them I would miss

  • Saying/singing/humming Grace 4 times before we can eat at night
  • Taking turns blowing food cold. (Everyone takes turns with Everything)
  • Reading the “Buffalo’s” Child before bedtime (Gruffalo’s Child)
  • Cutting up fruit, putting it on one plate and sharing and having a cuddle after supper
  • Watching Barbie “Renoster” (Barbie Pegasus)
  • Trying to read a story to 3 wriggling children
  • Adjudicating an argument with twins that share a room about having the big light on or off (besides the night light)
  • Putting a toy dinosaur in a fish tank when the fish mysteriously die because it doubles as a night light
  • I would actually miss waiting for 10 minutes in the morning because my son has decided he needs to make a poo just as we are herding everyone out the door.
  • I would miss how wonderfully gentle and attentive and consistent and fair my husband is with them.  For all the reasons I love him, this is probably the best.

I hope I never, ever have to live my life without them, I am enormously blessed and eternally grateful for what we have. 

18 thoughts on “Day 6 – Something you hope you never to have to do”

  1. Ok you’ve just demonstrated why I can’t do the 30 day thing at all. There are things that are so terrible I don’t even want to go there. Of course everyone dies at some point. But the natural order is for parents to die before kids do, and I don’t even want to contemplate….

    I know exactly what you mean! I feel guilty enough for the many kid-hours I lose to business and work. Kids – there’s nothing better.

  2. If there’s one thing I learnt this year it would be that, no matter how much time and attention we give our kids we will STILL feel guilty about something.
    And sometimes it is good to contemplate the bad stuff as it makes you appreciate all the good stuff.
    But yes, it is hard.

  3. Everytime, I think you have topped the list of special posts, you come up with something amazing! Thanks for this, you are a special peep xxx

  4. I think it’s every parent’s greatest fear and I hope none of us have to experience it. LOVE your gratitude list especially that you also have fish mysteriously dying and that your children wriggle when it’s story time – makes me feel more normal. I just want to know, what’s your secret for getting them to take turns?!

  5. If I had to lose one of my children…even though “Sussie” isn’t even born yet, I think they can just lock me up, cause I’ll go off my head!!! You almost made me cry again! 😉

  6. Oh Tania, this is beautiful. In our house Barbie Pegasus – is “Barbie ys” and Barbie Swan lake is “Barbie perdjie”. At least one thing can be said of the Brabie movies – nice, soothing music, mostly classical.

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