The school concert post

(I’m meant to do a 30 Days of Truth post, but this is just far more important!)

Daniel’s Pre-school had their annual school concert last night.

I enjoy the school concerts because:

  • We know most of the parents by now
  • It’s usually outside
  • It’s quick
  • It’s managed chaos
  • It’s followed by a picnic
  • There’s ALWAYS wine involved

This year was much better than last year as the girls are (obviously) a year older and they could just run around whilst the rest of the show carried on.  Also, Daniel didn’t pee on his teacher’s dress like last year, so it was already an improvement. 

He was a koala and after much stressing about his outfit he ended up with koala ears and a t-shirt with a koala printed on it that I downloaded from the interwebs.  When we were leaving the house we asked him to put shoes on to which he replied: ‘Koala’s don’t wear shoes.’  How can you argue with that?

As it turns out, I am one of those Mothers-from-hell after all.  (Oh stop it, I know there was at least a little gasp of utter surprise)

You know the type.  The type that elbows everyone out the way to get to the front, and then takes aim and shoots pics like paparazzi whilst waving manically, begging for her child to spot her in the chaos of other waving parental arms.  And shouts at her child when he doesn’t pick her out of the crowd quick enough.

Guilty as charged.

And, to top it all off, I got quite emotional when it was his group’s turn.  That might have something to do with the above mentioned wine, but he was just too cute, my little man.   

Here he is:

ps: He is wearing boots in this photo as they were doing a gum-boot dance at the end of the concert

28 thoughts on “The school concert post”

  1. Definitely a very serious case of cute! Guaranteed to bring on strange behaviour in parents or grandparents…

  2. Cute!! And no, you’re not a mom-from-hell… I’d expect nothing less of you if you were my mom! If you don’t do that for your kid, who will?

  3. LOL! Had a laugh there re your description of “mother from hell”. I also regard that as nothing from hell…you have a right to do exactly that! 🙂
    He looked very cute…such a sweet age!

  4. O sweet man he looks too cute!!! We have our concert next week – will let you know if I am also one of “those” moms lol [yet to discover my concert persona hehehe]

  5. Love the ears! He looks too cute 🙂 You’re allowed to be ‘that’ mother when you have such a cute kid! Who cares what the others say anyway?
    Glad he didn’t pee on the teacher 😀
    And I always have a serious stash of tissues in my bag now, just in case I’m overcome with emotion. It happens to me every time!

  6. Ag that’s cute! I also love the annual school concert – ours is also outside. It’s just at our daughter’s school you pay R70 – they do the outfit, make-up,props etc. I am all for paying and saving me having to organize costumes.

  7. He’s at a lovely age, big enough to carry a conversation, but small enough to still treat like a little one 🙂

  8. Sweet!!! How I miss those days! These days everybody scatters after the concert. Probably because no wine is allowed….

  9. Mmmm. Makes me seriously wonder about the wisdom of putting my children in ‘that’ school 😛

  10. Too gorgeous! We’ve got D’s concert next week and I need to organise his outfit as a diver.

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