Getting the most from my shopping experience

I was in Willowbridge on my way home this afternoon and just before I got to the car I realized I needed to visit the little girls’ room. 

I then thought, ah, I can go at home, but then realized what amount of chaos it would be with the girls pulling themselves up against my legs and Daniel rolling down the loo paper.  Sooo, as much as I hate public toilets, I did my thing in peace and could go home and launch straight into Mommy mode!

8 thoughts on “Getting the most from my shopping experience”

  1. Now, if they had a bed where you could have a little nap afterwards, THAT would have been a truly useful shopping trip 😉

  2. And the public loos at Willowbridge are actually quite nice. For public loos that is. You should have taken your magazine with you.

  3. Your kids are gorgeous.. I know it’s a handful, but they are precious and when they’re older, your life will get so much easier – they’ll never need other friends 🙂

  4. Going to the loo alone isone of the benefits of children being a bit older. But I still get people shouting “Mom! Where are my socks?” while I am in there.

  5. I dimly remember those days of going to the loo in peace. The memories are vague but from what I can recall it was a blissful experience done in my own time. Now it is a quick in and out job!

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