Good news and great news

Good news:  2kgs down, 20 to go, YAY!!  I need to remind myself that it is going to be baby steps.

Great news:  Mignon is clapping hands at 10 months and 8 days!  Isabel is above clapping, I think she is going to be a Goth because she does some serious headbanging. 

We had a marathon Twinkle, twinkle little star session tonight with Daniel as lead singer and Mignon on clapping with Isabel doing the bopping.  Lots of laughs all around  :-)) 

4 thoughts on “Good news and great news”

  1. cute, you must get a video of that (and I am not talking about you losing your 2kg’s, although, well done on that!)

  2. Great news on the weight loss! But just remember the cm’s are just as important – so if you feel ‘thinner’, then more kg’s will follow!

    Well done!

    Sounds like you have a little family band starting up there! Cute 🙂

  3. Congrats on losing the 2kgs,Hubbie also back on diet and going well but it is an uphill battle.Mine sings Twinkle twinkle litle dinosaur in the sky??Not sure where it comes from but has us all laughing everytime

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