Love Bombing – Episode 1

Friday night was our first Love-bomb Friday in the series of 3 and here are some observations (Daniel was with us, Mignon at my Mom’s house and Isabel with Etienne’s folks):

The Man. On the way to drop his sister off at Granny.
  1. 1 child is A LOT more quiet than 3.  As in, there was an echo in our house.  The silence was awesome and horrifying in equal measure.
  2. That echo was however filled by Daniel’s really bad, open-mouthed chewing.  I’m now wondering if he always eats like this and I just haven’t noticed it?  Are the girls really THAT noisy at night that it masks this horrific sound?
  3. There is also a very real possibility that the kids really just need to spend one-on-one time with me. Daniel wanted me to do most things with him, including going to see Ice Age 4 on Saturday morning.  I love being with him, but I’m not a fan of animation (as in: I would rather stick pens in my eyes) so I was a little surprised when I actually enjoyed the movie.  He was in his element, chewing his popcorn and smarties (eek!) and, wait for it, Crème Soda (triple eek!!)
  4. Children are very quick to take a gap.  I was also dragged into a toy shop in Tygervalley where I was promptly instructed to buy stuff.  This did not end very well, partly for my bank account, but mostly for Daniel.
  5. Don’t for one millisecond think that they will sleep later because they are by themselves.  We thought he would sleep until at least 7h30, so imagine our horror when he reported to our room, wide awake, at 5h40.  We were not amused.
  6. On the topic of sleeping, apparently not much of it was done by Mignon at my Mom’s house as she was awake at 04h45.  Saturday evening was great fun.  NOT.  They were a gaggle of hysterical screamers until they eventually passed out at 8pm.  My ears are still ringing.


Yesterday morning I heard Daniel being really kind to his sisters when they were getting dressed, like I haven’t heard him in a while and I knew that we had made the right decision to do this.  They already seem a little more content, so let’s see.

This coming Friday Mignon is going to Etienne’s folks, Daniel to my folks and Isabel with us.  I strongly suspect I shall be seeing Brave 2 Saturdays in a row.  All for a good cause!

Then: On Sunday we had some friends over for lunch we haven’t seen in ages and it was a lovely “kuier”.  I wanted something that you could put in the oven and slow-cook so that we could enjoy our friends and not be in the kitchen the whole time.  We (and by “we” I mean “Etienne”) ended up making the most delicious Pork Shoulder Casserole straight off Jane-Anne Hobbs’ blog that was a massive hit.  To say “I love her blog” would be a monumental understatement.  We made our entire Christmas Lunch off her blog about 2 years ago and whenever I want to make something I inevitably find the perfect, idiot-proof recipe on her blog.  She recently published her book and I shall be laying my grubby paws on a copy very soon.  Can’t wait!

A serious stack of pancakes!

For dessert on Sunday I also wanted to do pancakes with decadent sauces, so I found a Caramel Sauce Recipe and a All-American Hot Fudge Sauce to make.  I don’t own a candy thermometer, so the caramel sauce wasn’t perfect, but the Hot Fudge Sauce was sinful. Hint: they were NOT diet-friendly.  A BIG thank you to P and N that made a huge stack of pancakes!


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