MFM – Magic soup from tins

One of my favourite people on twitter is Jane-Anne Hobbs.  She is a foodie with a difference:  she makes food I can actually copy and she explains it so well that I have never (touch wood) had a flop making any of her recipes.

She featured this recipe in her latest newsletter and I just HAD to try it.  And good thing I decided to make it tonight as I was late getting home from work and it took a whopping 5 minutes to chuck together!

1 tin peeled and chopped tomato

1 tin butter beans

1 tin chickpeas

1 tin lite coconut milk

I rinsed the beans and chickpeas and added fresh water to the original brine level, added it to the tomatoes in the pot and liquidised it with our hand blender, added the coconut milk and spiced it with some salt, pepper, cumin and turmeric.  Then I let it bubble for 15 minutes and ate 2 whole bowls of it.  Seriously nom and ridiculously quick to fling together.

Thanks Jane-Anne!

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