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I would like to ask everyone’s input on how you treat common colds and flu with your sprogs.  I would also like to ask what cough medicine (if any you use) and what your experiences have been with homeopathic medicines.

We have Daniel and the girls on Viral Guard and Echinaforce to keep the worst of the bugs at bay.  We also have a homeopathic Blue Box at home that we use for all kinds of things, but a runny nose has appeared and I am very loathe to pump Daniel full of Demazin (my usual poison).  His chest is also a bit tight.  Nothing serious enough for a visit to the GP, but it is now day 3 and it is slowly getting worse, not better.


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  1. I simply use a daily multivitamin, and of course Scots imulsion works very well, but aside from that, when the colds come, I try not to use antibiotics everytime, and one thing the doc assured me, its better for things to come out than to be surpressed, so the snotty noses, is actually a good thing. I usually only get her something from the chemist. treating mainly the fever. Ah but this is just me with limited experience and a very healty child.

  2. I tried everything when Miles was little, because he was in hospital a good couple of times with bronchiospasm after a cold. But homeopathy, giving up wheat, nothing really seemed to make a difference and then he grew out of it. Nowadays we tend to err on the side of doing very little, with the occasional blast of Budaflam. But most of the time I am a great believer in E&I’s theory that snot is meant to come out, not be dried up.

  3. Thanks! I’m also a believer of rather out than in, and it’s still clear with no fever, I just thought I would ask, because everyone has a different way and you can always learn from other Mommies!

  4. I use Corryx for runny noses as well as Alchophylex and Alcophllin for coughs….lex(bronch expectorant) for cough and lin(Broncho dilator) for tight chest.Lots of fruit and veg if possible(disguise mine in soups and smoothies)(non dairy smoothies of course for allergy chicken)

  5. When the runny noses start I usually dose them up with an antihistamine and Scots Emulsion. When they start coughing, I add a kiddies cough syrup. Only when they get REALY sich do I take them to the doc.

    Also nebulise if the chest sounds tight.

  6. I am 27 weeks preggies and the GP actually recommended Natura’s Gripless for Colds and Flu. Been using it for a sore throat and runny nose – its a charm! It’s all natural and can be used on infants. All it takes is a couple of drops in a glass of water. Magic Stuff !!

  7. try the pegasus range when its starts – works like a charm and is harmless

    chloe is on bio-strath daily and seems to build as well

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