My word for 2013

For 2012 I chose the word Power as my word for the year. It was quite a cathartic word and so much changed for me during 2012 that I’m going to make this an annual thing. (as I know many of you do already)

So, I am choosing the word Listen as my word for 2013.

Far too often the kids will try to get my attention and I’m busy tweeting or looking at something on whatever electronic device is in my hand at that particular moment in time. This means that I might hear some of what they are saying, but I’m not listening completely. I often feel guilty about this and wonder about the message it sends them. I want them to know that what they say is very, very important as we are here to listen to our children, come what may. And it’s not something I can suddenly start doing when they hit puberty. I have realised that I also don’t make as much eye contact with them as I should and because there is an electronic device in my hand I’m not touching, holding or hugging them as much as I could.

Etienne often comments on something that a little voice in the background was saying and I just haven’t heard what they were saying because my head was somewhere else. I’m not in that very moment with my children and it needs to change.

I also need to listen to my body. I need to listen when it whistles to get my attention to tell me that there is too much going on and I need to slow down. Because when my life is chaotic my head is chaotic and then I don’t slow down and really listen to the people that are important in my life.

I need to listen to my husband. It’s the same story with the electronic devices and the half-assed listening. It would drive me nuts if he did it to me, so I’m going to stop doing it to him.

The whole of 2013 for me is going to be more about my family and less about social media and trying to be Martha Stewart (Sue and Carmen I see you lolling in the corner there!). Lately I have come to realise that, because I’m the one taking all the photos I’m not engaging with my family and viewing Etienne making all those memories with them. And I’m greedy, this coming year I’m going to be making lots of awesome memories with the people that are the closest to my heart. Photos be damned.

If you were to choose a word for 2013 what would it be?

12 thoughts on “My word for 2013”

  1. Sjoe will have to give it a think…..not sure what word I will choose.
    Like yours of listening,very true that we often only give half an ear.

  2. Fantastic!!!!! May I ask where you got the idea from … Nice word! Mine is WRITE for this year!

    Warm regards

    1. Some of the people on twitter were doing it last year and I decided to choose a word instead of having new year’s resolutions. It worked very well for me last year!

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