“self-soothe” se moer

Sorry, but I have now had bedtime for Daniel in chunks. 

We used to be very good.  We would put Daniel down, read him a story and walk out the door.  And he would sleep.  Then we went through a patch where he challenged us and we dealt with it by using some of the techniques in ‘Toddler Taming’.

Then he dropped his afternoon nap and would pass out in your arms at night, which ended up with us only being able to leave him when he is fast asleep.

Of late he is playing games at night instead of lying still so you can read his story and asking you to leave the room.  So tonight, I lost it and now am doing controlled crying. I absolutely hate it, but it cannot carry on like this. I also have to keep reminding myself that I’ll achieve nothing by being pissed off with him – we did this to ourselves.

Being a parent sucks sometimes.

EDIT:  21h16 and it is quiet after putting him back in his bed about 1 000 times.  Will whisper in his ear how much I love him before I go to bed.

20 thoughts on ““self-soothe” se moer”

  1. Have to admit, have used the controlled crying technique with my eldest, it worked, but I cried more than her. With my son, I tried the technique when he was about 18 months. He managed to climb out of the camper cot, during one of the sessions that i was waiting out in the passage. He still wore those shoes with the metal rod, to correct clubfoot and could have injured himself terribly. I freaked out and never practiced it again. Obviously I still have extra feet and legs in my bed some nights. well, most nights.

  2. I don’t blame you, don’t even get me started on the nights! We alternate nights in bed with him…

  3. oooh i sometimes get it right with chloe falling asleep by herself, but I also give in way to quickly…

  4. Love your title!!! Know exactly how you feel with sleep issues. Mine is still waking up 10 times a night at least and then wants to get into bed with us. Exhausting. With nr 2 on the way feeling quite desperate. Can just see us all camping out forever in a giant family bedroom….

  5. Well it seems that lots of us have either had or are having sleeping issues. Wonder if the change of season has anything to do with it, Moms seem to be dealing with this alot over the last few weeks. xx(hugs)xx for some strength. xx

  6. **pat myself on the back** – Yes, I am one of the lucky few, Minki is a self-soother. She will roll around a couple of minutes, sing a song, talk to her toys and then pull her “slaapdoek” over her face and fall asleep.
    Occassionally she will also have trouble falling asleep, but don’t we all? Overall (at the moment at least) no problems. This could however change when she hits 2 by the looks of all your posts.

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