And then, strangely, there was no guilt

It’s official.  I have turned into *that* Mother that sends her children off to mid-week children’s parties with the Au Pair.

It’s been a long time coming, but after the last time I took leave so I could take Daniel to a party and the Moms were all talking about how terrible aftercare is for children and I just thought: This isn’t for me, I don’t belong here.

No more will I force myself to take leave I could have saved up to spend time doing something more valuable with my kids.

No more will I feel like I’m eavesdropping on conversations I have no business listening to about things that happen in the day when I am at work.

No more will I compound my own guilt at not being to linger in the school parking lot or over coffee with a friend in the middle of the day.

No more will I try too hard to fit in with Moms that, practically speaking, will not ever be great friends.  Not because they aren’t lovely people, there just isn’t time.

No more will I compromise the little time I do have with Etienne and the kids.

No more.




If you are a SAHM Mom I want to say this: I am extremely grateful for your generosity with your time and wanting to help out at school, serve on PTA’s, decorate classrooms for special occasions, carting other people’s children around and work in the tuck shop.

Your children will love you for spending time next to the sports field and I and my children thank you for updating me what they are doing when I’m not there to see them roll in gymnastics or play rugby.

You have a really thankless job, so I want to say THANK YOU.

Just for in case no-one has said it lately.

Thank you.