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I am not a Christmassy person.  I worked in hotels for many years and never really got to spend the Festive Season being Festive, so I was never that into it.  Even when I became a Mom I didn’t really get that into it.

But THIS YEAR I have decided to go big.  You can’t avoid it forever, especially when you have a 4 year old and 2 x 2yr olds in the house.

My first port of call was buying a BoneyM cd.  (I should probably blame Gareth Cliff for this because he played a BoneyM song every day to acclimatise us to the Christmas carols in the shops, but anyhoo.)  Up to this point any form of Christmas cd was pretty much banned because it just gives me the heebiejeebies, but I am clearly over that now.

Tonight we took them to hear a school choir sing Christmas Carols whilst the Nitida Night market was on.  Awesome stuff.  And there was wine.  Naturally.  But only after we arrived with BoneyM booming in the car and freaked out everyone in the parking lot.  The kids loved it!

Next up is the Christmas tree and decorations.  Husband is not allowing me to buy a big-ass Christmas tree (budget constraints), but I might do something crazy like popcorn or pasta decorations.

On Wednesday we are taking them to Vergelegen for more Christmas carols to support the Somerset West Round Table.

Then I’m buying each child an advent calendar.  No, I’m not making them, no time this weekend.  Ok, to be honest I have no idea how and I am well aware of my creative limitations.

Each child has a Christmas stocking.  I might go and buy more.

We are doing Christmas Eve together, just the 5 of us and doing a big lunch on Christmas Day with all the family.  I might even drag my sinning ass off to the local NG Kerk.  (Sins of Christmases passed and all)

We are leaving cookies and milk for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer.  I might even go as far as doing the whole flour-with-footsteps-thing as well.

People, I am going big, this year Christmas is not about us, but all for the kids and kids in us old folk.  Suggestions are welcome!

ps:  I’ll have you know that I typed the word “Christmas” 14 15 times in this post.  It’s a bitch of a word to type.

14 thoughts on “The BoneyM Post”

  1. Nooooooooooooooo Tania! Anything but BoneyM… please I beg of you…. no BoneyM. Am still in therapy because I was exposed to BoneyM as a child. Don’t do it to my precious Raucous ROux’s! 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    The best advice I can give you is to get a big ass Christmas tree. The decorations can be minimal, but the smell and feel of the tree is the most important thing. After its up, it will be Christmas! That I promise you 🙂


  3. Sjoe, you don’t do things by halves, do you!? BoneyM!!!??? Two more things I would add to your list:
    1. you have to bring the children to the Kirstenbosch Carols by Candlelight and
    2. you have to visit and do Christmas messages from Santa for your three. We did it last year for D and he loved it!

  4. Yah for Xmas spirit.
    Will tell you about a cute Advent calender you can make(ie Granny!) My mom made it for the girls years ago,lots of fun.
    Don’t forget the letters to Santa!

  5. Fabulous plan! Weather permitting we’re going on Thursday 16 December which I think is the first night. My sister from the US and her family are going too and there’s another family we usually go with that I hope will come too. The more the merrier – we’ll talk.

  6. You are surely in the Christmas spirit!! the kids will enjoy it and always remember. I always say, Christmas is for kids!! And we will go all out to make it lovely for them!! Oh and dont forget the Christmas lights, we usually do our whole lounge up with colourful decorations and lights! Not my taste, but Angel loves it!! Me I am Santa again this year…

  7. We now have a very loud Christmas tree and some lights. I’m starting to feel a bit nervous..

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