The guilt, the guilt

If you are wanting to read something light and frivolous on this Friday evening, you’re in the wrong place.  Move along swiftly.

I really need to get over myself, I know, but I can’t stop feeling guilty and stressing about absolutely farking everything.

Am I spending enough time with my kids?

Is Daniel getting enough 1-on-1 time?

Did I really make the right decision about school?

Did I make the right decision about work?

Am I working hard enough?

Am I being productive enough?

Am I going to be able to make enough money to honour my side of the finances?

Is hubby ok?

What’s potting with my folks that I’m missing? (story for another post)

Did I buy the right gift for the 3 year old birthday party tomorrow?

How am I going to keep Daniel from eating anything and everything that will cause his allergies to flare up at the party?

Should I be feeling guilty because I asked the nanny to come in tomorrow to look after the girls so I can take Daniel to said birthday party?  The weekend is so short!

Can we really afford to go away next weekend for a much needed break?

Is it really possible to love your 3 year old so much it hurt, but he drives you completely insane!

I’m driving myself nuts!

To top it all off Isabel has now decided, no thanks, no more bottle for me mommy and she’ll only drink out of one of Daniel’s sippy cups or out of a mug.  Which is probably great in the long run, but right now it’s creating chaos. 

23 thoughts on “The guilt, the guilt”

  1. aaah the guilt gland… have it surgically removed, it’s the only way. still haven’t found a doctor to do it for me. maybe should visit nicaragua or similar? i suspect that those ancient skulls they keep digging up with the holes chopped in them are early pioneers of guilt-gland removal treatment 🙂 hope you feel better soon

  2. I often feel guilty even now: Am I giving my tween enough attention? Should I be saving to get Miles a scooter? Is it okay that I am so often busy working at home? Blah blah blah…

  3. TG its not only me! welcome sista, grab that glass of wine and put your feet up, you are so not alone!

  4. Shame, doll! And I thought I had the guilt thing bad! I think it gets parcelled out when you have children. Cut yourself some slack! Relax and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Sh*t mommy, slow down. you need a bubble bath, and tell yourself over and over that you are doing fine, you are doing the most you possibly can. Strongs..

  6. Why do mommies always feel so guilty about everything? I second guess myself every day too! And I went nuts long ago!

  7. Ok, it’s now Monday morning, I don’t suppose for one minute that you feel any less about this list, but hopefully it helped to write it down?
    Hope you enjoyed the party! xx

  8. Argh, so it get’s worse when you have children???
    Just Friday received a phone call from my grand dad – who I felt guilty for not having visited in the past month (not that there was time – but try explain that to my guilt trip!)

  9. Wow sloooooow down,stop with the self whipping before it becomes a fettish…LOL
    It’s all ok we do spend a lot of time going over the ‘liitle things’ don’t we ….but you are doing the best you can for now and that’s all that matters.

  10. Girl it sounds like you need a break. And maybe som chill pills!! Honestly I know exactly how you feel, I have gone through this myself, a many times. Stressing stress ball!!Hugs hun!! thinking of you. I promise you it will all work out. Every Thing is Going to Be OK!!

  11. Hey, it definitely helped and it was still hard to leave my girls this morning, but for a change they didn’t cry when I left!
    Maybe they were just sick of me..

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